In the past. Cuba has been viewed as a pretentious and rebellious nation thanks to the countries colorful history.  but did you know it is one of the few countries in the Caribbean which actually saw growth in tourism this year? 

With white sandy beaches and an unmistakable pride, Cuba is a country like no other. As more and more people discover this amazing Latino nation, Cuba’s tourism industry is going from strength to strength.

As one of the most famous Latin American countries, Cuba has great potential as a tourist nation, and whilst it may not yet have the luxury infrastructure to cope with the travelling elite, it certainly has what it takes to give a fantastic vacation to  anyone who is willing to live like a local.

This former rogue nation certainly has a colorful history!  But whilst the world has largely ignored Cuba, the country has slowly developed into a stable, and safe place to visit.  With low crime and a cheap cost of living, a trip to Cuba isn’t going to be luxurious, but it’s certainly will be unique.

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and it has a lively tourist industry with people coming from all around the world, including America.  Whether you’re visiting Havana, Santa Clara or even the beaches of Varadero, Cuba is both an expansive and diverse island.

With all sorts of activities and entertainment available, this is one amazing island that can cater to everyone’s taste.  Cuba is like an untouched Caribbean yet with a Latino population.  It really is an amazing place to visit, but amenities are basic, so don’t expect a luxury trip.

But one area that Cuba is a world leader in is their medical services, with more doctors available per capita than anywhere else in the world, standard of healthcare is certainly at an international level and at the same time it is also highly affordable, making Cuba a center for medical tourism.

Overall, Cuba is a great place to visit, but it has its risks like any other country in the world.  Even if you can’t speak Spanish a great holiday can be had in this very traditional Caribbean island.

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