If you want to plan a safari, here you are. If you want to find out new exciting things about Tanzania, then you are in the right place here.

Tanzania is a huge country, world’s 31st big country. It is twice big as the U.S. state of California. Once a british colony, it gained its independence in the 60’s and Junius Nyerere was the most important political personality, and the first president. Tanzania was first called The united republic of Tanganyka and Zanzibar, and after a while was named Tanzania.

Main cities are Dar es Salam(the former capital) and Dodoma(the new capital). Tanzania has many touristic offers for you: beaches; the interesting Island of Zanzibar; Mount Kilimanjaro; National parks Serengeti and Ngoro Ngoro.

80 % of the population lives based on agriculture. The roads are not very good, but they drive mad; the policemen are dangerous(very violent, they beat and kill people sometimes) and corrupt.National languages are swahili and english.

100 years ago Tanzania offered much more virgin nature than today, and a safari meant a hunt, when sometimes even the hunter falled victim to his prey. 50 years ago the safari was more fun, and meant killing with no measure defendless animals, which led a few species near the extinction.

But what is a safari today? It means travelling in special protected areas(=national parks) where you can meet many savage animals in their original habitate. It is very nice, but demanding to have such an adventure, and they are some basic rules to follow in order to get more from your safari:

-do not camp in the parks. It is forbidden, and it is very dangerous

-animals are very active short before sunrise, do not stay in their way then!

-you are not permitted to have fire guns without licence, and you may use them only in desperate situations

-if you hire a car, let it be a stong 4×4. Others cars have no chance in those wildnesses

-train regularly, you must be in the best physical and mental shape

-do not make the safari alone. Join a group, and get also a professional guide

-fees in parks are not very high, 50 $ per person and day

Following all those steps, you will get a wonderful safari, and a nice stay in Tanzania. If you have the opportunities, you are supposed to ask the following dishes:

Mtori, which is cooked beef with bananas. It smells strange first, but it was my absolute favorite during the trip.

Mchicha, vegetable stew with meat or fish

Ugali. This is the national Tanzania dish, and is polenta like. Everybody eats it with the hands.

Enjoy your safari, and enjoy your tanzanian dishes, as I did. Do not travel in January and February, as I did! It is simply too warm, even the locals are complaining and dream on cold, snow and ice.



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