In Argentina, they have this proverb that tells us that hunger is one fine kitchen. And after you read this article, you may say it makes an excellent restaurant as well. Buenos Aires is magical. It mesmerizes many of its visitors by offering plentiful entertainment – their trick to strip off one’s determination to leave.

The outstanding and luscious cuisine of Argentina’s capital is one of the culprits in its trap. Below are several of the best restaurants in the magical city.

Astrid & Gastón

Astrid and Gaston’s expansion mirrors the Peruvian food’s widening around the globe. Its first branch opened way back in 1994 in the beautiful city of Lima. It has reached Ecauador, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Spain, and Mexico.
Its elegant gold and ravishing red panels makes this colonial townhouse’s unit one romantic haven.

Pisco sours coupled with seven-course menu for tasting – from hot soup, tender beef, and tasty seafood, to dulce de leche on top of baked apples, and cuy and savory ceviche, which are authentic Peruvian classic.

Café Dorrego

Describing their men as crusty and flaky would definitely upset them! But it describes their croissants with perfect fit.

Located Plaza Dorrego’s corner, at San Telmo’s center, this elderly coffee shop is complete with both character and elders drinking espressos. I’m sure, like them, you’ll get hooked to their classic Argentine must-try, the medialunas (croissants, literally means “half moons”) and coffee combo.

Imagine the peanut shells on the classic harlequin-styled floor, aged bottles of gin lining the café’s walls and the tables, despite being well-worn, bore scars of the signatures of former guests.

It is most excellent for watching and stalking people during Sunday when the park square wakes for life with its 200 stalls selling antiques.

Casa Coupage

Being an underground restaurant, Casa Coupage is focusing in wine tasting. Having separate dining tables, there is still a feel of dining in one fancy restaurant than ordinarily at someone’s home.

Guiding guests in pairing their Argentine eating, with food, and drinking, with wine, experience, a couple of sommeliers play their role. Casa Coupage is definitely a heaven for wine fanatics.

Casa Saltshaker

At Saltshaker, breasts of duck coupled with mango chutney, puree of smoke eggplant, and amicable ambiance, is like a one-two punch combo for your hungry stomach. Even scanning their menu is already a treat.

Puerta cerrada, literally means “closed door,”  restaurants are one of Buenos Aires’ hit. At the Casa Salthshaker, things are simple – register online in their guestbook and arrive at the house of Dan Perlman, their chef, for a family meal of five courses.

Inspired by other culture, global events, like the Chinese New Year, often inspire the food they prepare.

Dan believes that when there is food, there should be a conversation. Anyone who is travelling and exploring alone and consider meeting up new friends would definitely agree with him.

Dill & Drinks

Wanting a little piece of everything sweet, spice, and everything nice, this chic bar offering one-of-a-kind tapa is just a must before going to your night out.

Despite their waiters having a unique and might-be aversive punky feel, their service is definitely top-notch! This intimate bar mixes the greatest classic cocktails like Bellinis, white Russians, caipirinhas, and concoctions like “The End” – a perfect mix of lemon juice, Absinthe and Grand Marnier.

Do not worry, portions are both beautifully presented and generous.

Faena Hotel

Houses more than six bars and bistros, Philippe Stark’s passion to Moroccan architecture that led to the remodeling of a grain store of red bricks from the 1900s, Faena Hotel is one classic cornucopia.

There is a variety of dishes here – from the macrobiotic menu, comprised of grains, fish, vegetables, of El Bistro; the classic Argentine steak and chips in the brick patio of El Mercado; and last but not least, El Cabaret, which is very seductive that one’s appetizer is not just served with food but with a Rojo Tango show.

Four Seasons

Known for its famous brunch bunches during Sundays, Four Seasons lives until now to uphold such reputation. In addition is experiencing the Elena, the newest restaurant of the hotel.

Feeling like in the Chocolate Factory of Willy Wonka, combined with Whole Foods, is there any other buffet that could offer more cheese, sushi, chocolate, ice cream, meat, pasta, and sweets?

Being as if a rite of passage to Porteños, this is definitely not just made for tourists but for locals, as well.


May it be a nightclub, restaurant, or a bar, Godoy can definitely be anything you wish!

With Buenos Aires’ response to calls of modernity, it has adapted to the trend of “After Office,” or a restaurant that transforms into a club! Godoy is one of the best restaurants that embody such culture. What’s more unique about it is that a “no knives”  premise is upheld – bite-size food wonders are delivered on fancy silver platters. A combo of samosas and flavorful curried prawns next to a mango soup is one classic meal.

As the night turns darker, lights and music come to play making Godoy’s dance floor a focal point.

La Cabrera

Their steak is insanely tender that you can slice it using a spoon and even having your reservation, you still have to line up before you savor your table.

Lying on boards made of wood, huge and tasty grilled meat’s chunks shall be delivered to your table by the waiters in berets or boinas and brittle white shirts.

Nothing can beat the Bife de Chorizo and Malbec bottle combo for an excellent steakhouse experience in Argentina. Insane eaters can challenge themselves for dessert with Volcan de Chocolate.


When it comes to battles in menu and competence in modernity, Tô wins over the great array of restaurants that Palermo could offer.

Along with it futuristic designs are the distinct Japanese-French blend selection of food! It sounds odd, right? But once you get a hang of it, you would realize starting your meal with scrumptious sushi and finishing it with delicate French desserts is one heck of dining experience.



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