Located in Southeast Europe, Greece is far from an unknown in the world of travel. Every year millions of people flock to this beautiful country to witness the amazing history, culture, and architecture filling its streets, often awed by the mix of modern, and ancient, civilization. As a result, there are many attractions in Greece that are considered absolutely crucial to any complete tourist experience, and everyone seems to have their own list of locations you just can’t miss.

I, I must admit, am no different, and so would like to offer my own views on those attractions in Greece that you must see, in order to take in the full scope of this countries relevance, and beauty. Here are my four favorite attractions in Greece, which I hope you will find as inspiring as I did.

* The National Archaeological Museum – Filled with artifacts from the many digs that have brought up countless treasures, The National Archaeological Museum is a must see for anyone visiting Greece, whether it is your first trip, or your tenth. Walking through its door is like walking into this country’s past, and you will be immediately surrounded from an amazing collection of art, and artifacts. They also have a collection of Egyptian art, that were found in the area, and that predate any other pieces of work in the museum.


* Euboea – Still relatively unknown to most tourists, this island near Athens is a great place to get away from the crowds, and enjoy the beaches of Greece, without the other travelers. The waters are filled with beneficial minerals that boast many healing powers, or so the locals say, and there are several spas in the area that can give you a lovely day of pampering. There are also many ancient sites that are almost always deserted, so you can see some of the crumbling and standing structures most miss.

* The Lycabettus – Just across from the world famous Acropolis, is the Lycabettus, the second highest point in Athens. Offering an equally stunning view of this Greek city, it is rarely populated by tourists, or at least not in the numbers you will find roaming the Acropolis, which is only a plus. You will, however, see many locals here, especially families, who use is for kite flying, strolling, and general time together. Take the cable car up, and enjoy.


* The Temple of Poseidon – A popular tourist spot, The Temple of Poseidon


boast a gift shop, and a restaurant, so you can spend your day there comfortably. But the real draw is the effect of the ruins themselves, which will bring any noisy, chattering tourist to silence in it’s almost ethereal presence. It has an incredible view of the Aegean, which only adds to the profound beauty of the spot, and although the famous statue depicting Poseidon, who looked out for those at sea, has long since been moved, it takes little imagination to see it standing there, proud, and waiting to lead his people home.



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