Traveling to a foreign country usually means checking into a nice hotel for some people. As you wake up and face a new day, it is but expected that a good, hearty breakfast will help energize you for your day trip; whether it’s facing the challenge of shopping for hours in a crowded mall, venturing into a busy and huge amusement park, or hopping from one gigantic museum to the next. Here are some hotels you can check into, with breakfasts that are fit for a king:
Bilila Lodge in Serengeti, Tanzania

The Bilila Lodge’s Main Dining Room is known for serving a hearty breakfast. This is but expected, as the location of the Lodge is a favorite among traveler-explorers: this is perfect to start your day, especially if you wish to explore the African Serengeti; the Lodge itself is located conveniently in the middle of the Serengeti. If exploring is not your thing, or is too much for you, the spectacular views alone is enough; there is a convex glass wall overlooking not just the infinity pool, but beyond it; and an oasis that’s fringed with beautiful acacia trees, known for being a place where elephants congregate, is one spot you wouldn’t want to miss. Now you can enjoy this beautiful African place, as you sip your coffee, eat a hearty breakfast, and taste some fresh fruits.

Lacroix at the Rittenhouse, Philadelphia

Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia is the location of a luxury retreat, with a serene restaurant that’s very much known for their elegant breakfasts that are meant mostly for business people. But their real specialty is the 59-dollar hearty brunch that they serve, which the chef himself, Jon Chicon, creates by giving the guest a spread that features gourmet foods such as escargot palmiers, foie gras, pancakes with peanut butter flavor, and salmon that’s glazed with Negroni. Who says breakfasts are supposed to just fill you up? Now they can be luxurious meals you can really spend some time on.

The Inn at Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, South Carolina

Travelers who stay at The Inn at Palmetto Bluff are already quite comfortable in their luxurious cream-colored cottages, but there is one thing that can still lure them out of that comfortable place: the Inn’s morning restaurant’s eggs Benedict. Buffalos serves their famous breakfast of Lowcountry eggs with stone-ground grits and white cheddar. Being hungry in the morning is a great feeling, if you know what’s in store for you.
Hacienda del Mar at Cabo san Lucas, Mexico

Ponchos of different colors drape the lounge chairs in Hacienda del Mar’s restaurant, Girasoles; a rooftop al fresco dining area with a spectacular view of the ocean. Mornings are often breezy in Cabo, and if you want to warm up, try their huevos rancheros that are served with fresh salsa. It’s tasty and delicious, and different from the way you are used to having breakfast. The assortment of Mexican pastries in a basket is also a must-try. Lounging in Mexico means having the typical Mexican breakfast, and this is one good example.

The Peninsula in Bangkok

Whether it’s European coffee or a kind of exotic juice that tickles your fancy, The Peninsula is a perfect place to idle away some hours as you sip your lovely drink, lounging at the hotel’s riverfront spread. But don’t think that drinks are just their specialty; the pastries are equally wonderful too, as they are a fusion of local tastes and ingredients and, coming from their colonial past, French technique, making it perfect for the Western traveler who wants a tasty, foreign twist.

Bernini Bristol, Rome

While many of the locals enjoy their breakfast of cornetto and espresso, eaten as they just stand in one of the many cafes around the neighborhood, Bernini Bristol offers non-locals who aren’t quite used to this local breakfast a lot to choose from; prosciutto and eggs, croissants with butter and Nutella, and fresh juice made from green apples are only some of the finest food you can have to fuel you up for a day of strolling in Rome. They will taste even better, as you dine in the luxurious breakfast room that overlooks Triton’s Fountain and Piazza Barberini. This alone already begins your tour of the beautiful city.

The Athenaeum, London

In London’s classy Mayfair district, The Athenaeum serves cured meats, smoked fish, crumpets, fruits, and just so much more. Guests are free to choose from a wide selection of their entrees, such as pancakes that are American style; hash corned beef, and also lamb kidneys. For traditionalists, though, they stick to the tried-and-tested English Breakfast: plum tomato, two eggs, Cumberland sausage, bacon, toast and sautéed mushrooms; a formal breakfast that’s meant for proper French (or foreign) ladies and gentlemen.
The Carroll Villa Hotel in Cape May, New Jersey

Their cozy and quaint restaurant, the Mad Batter, serves a mighty breakfast, which is already included in this luxurious bed-and-breakfast that’s already a hundred and thirty years old, setting the mood for Victorian-era living. During summer, travelers and locals alike come to this charming place to enjoy the views, sitting in its porch that’s festooned with gingerbread; watching people pass them by, while enjoying the French toast that’s thickly cut, with almond and orange brioche. Have the right conversation with friends and family, or even associates, as you enjoy their luxurious breakfast.
Castle Hill at Newport, Rhode Island

Inside the Castle Hill Relais & Chateaux, breakfast is exclusively for guests, and you would think that they are serving royal ones; the place alone is enough to draw you in: this charmer is perched beautifully on a bluff just above the Newport sea. Everyone whispers about the mouth-watering lobster hash that’s a definite try, which is lovingly topped with poached eggs taken straight from a nearby farm in Rhode Island’s Foster, and tasty chive crème fraiche. You will definitely feel like a member of the blue-bloods as you dine in this beautiful place overlooking the crystal clear waters, and have a taste of their sumptuous food.



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