Palm Island, UAEThanks to a great deal of hard work and development in the local tourism industry within the United Arab Emirates, they have recently announced that they have noticed a substantial growth in tourism and expect this to rise considerably by 2010.

This new tourist boom is great news and there are numerous luxury hotels popping up throughout the Middle East in response  as these oil rich countries begin to spend their wealth on attracting tourism and showing the world the charm and luxury the Middle East can offer.

Perhaps one of the best recent examples is the construction of Palm Islands which is an example of the extents the UAE will go to in order to provide the ultimate experience for travelers.

Palm Jumeirah is the name given to the smallest of the three islands and each of them is shaped like a palm tree. This island may be the smallest but in saying that, it still has an area of around 25 square kilometers!


Perhaps accordingly, this island has christened itself the eighth wonder of the world. As it is surely  developing into what may very well be one of the premier luxury tourist destinations in the Middle East, with the sheer luxury offered with countless hotels and also expansive coastline of beaches and resorts.

The premier hotel on the island is known as Atlantis, the Palm and it opened in 2008. This 1539 room hotel is linked by monorail to the rest of the island and features a 160,000 square meter water park as well as a dolphin bay.


Atlantis The Palm was famous for its star studded launch with celebrities from all over the world flocking to the opening event in which Kylie Minogue performed her first concert in the UAE. Spectacularly, at the end of the event was a fifteen minute firework display which alone cost the owners around $16 million dollars.

This is just demonstrative of the lengths that the United Arab Emirates will go to in order to bring the world to its doorstep. At this rate, it is only a matter of time before the Palm Islands really become world famous.



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