If you want a taste of true luxury and privilege, then you need look no further than the destination club scene, which provides one of the most expensive, top quality vacation services for the very rich and fabulous. Destination clubs charge hefty memberships fees, and deposits on some of their most exclusive vacation packages can top the million-dollar mark, but club members have access to the very best in luxury amenities and prestigious customer service, from gourmet dining to complimentary high class cars.

Exclusive Resorts are currently one of the leading destination clubs and boasts over 3,000 members worldwide. One of the most popular and expensive options is the full Christmas and New Years package. New York Christmas package which can costs as much as $600,000, with 60 nights worth of top class accommodation in a choice of destinations throughout USA and Europe. The is very popular, with a choice of 28 luxury apartments throughout the city, including midtown apartments at Park Avenue Place, and suites in the Trump International Hotel & Tower, which offer stunning views of Central Park and has one of New York‘s top restaurants.

Another popular choice in the Exclusive Resorts brochure is the elite Grand Cayman resort in the Cayman Islands. Luxury terraced villas boast amazing views across the beautiful tropical landscape, and each come complete with a private gourmet chef service and access to tennis, golf, spa and resort restaurants

If you enjoy skiing then the Exclusive Resorts luxury ski resort in the beautiful French Alps is perfect for you. Traditional and extravagant chalets that combine elegance with convenience are all situated within the stunning panorama of Mont Blanc, and the resort has full skiing and winter sports options.

The average holiday in any of the Exclusive Resorts destinations will set you back between a whopping $49,000 to $79,000, and prices and availability depend on the time of year.

Another destination club, the Everlands, is one of the few in which the membership also includes part ownership – so in effect the members collectively own the properties in the brochures. Membership can be passed down through the family or sold, and the Everlands commands one of the highest membership initial deposits, a part of which goes to the Everlands Conservation Initiative, ‘a non-profit organisation focused on conserving Earth’s lands and waters’. The club is also planning to branch out into creative holidays in the future, such as photography tutorials, watercolour and painting classes and also poetry workshops. This is aimed towards providing more activities for families and large groups, and will be covered by the membership fees.

So if you want to visit some of the most expensive destinations in the world, then look no further than joining one of the elite destinations clubs, and open your life to true luxury and prestige.



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