onsen_beppuTaking a Quick Look at Beppu

Of all the places in the world, there is no place quite like the infamous city of Beppu. Famous for a number of things, from its hot baths to a sex museum, this city certainly has it all,   but what’s so special about Beppu that keeps the crowds coming?

Let’s take a look.

Beppu Onsen(Hot Springs) are among the three most famous in Japan, and the city produces more natural spring water for bathing than the rest of Japan.  The springs at Beppu Onsen offer a range of hot baths, including water baths, mud baths and even sand baths, with both indoors and outdoors bathing available.

For many tourists, the appeal of a public bath has yet to be experienced, and it is something almost heavenly. With all sorts of natural minerals contained within the waters of Beppu, these baths are as good as any massage.

With over two thousand vents built throughout the city of Beppu, this place is like a pilgrimage for both tourists and Japanese alike. There are a number of ways to experience a bath, and this can either be in private, or at one of the many public baths that exist throughout the city.  

Public baths are available for separate genders but mixed baths are also available. Scattered throughout the city, they are hard to miss, as there is one on almost every corner.

Also be ready to strip naked, as before you enter the bath you are expected to clean yourself fully, and the wearing of any clothes implies that you haven’t. Cleanliness is of the utmost important before taking a public bath. Once you’re ready to step into the bath, it’s time to get naked and step into the bath.

Be prepared however, because the Japanese like their water hot.

The Onsen is all about relaxation, and the last thing people will do is judge you.

Once you’ve finally taken the plunge, forget that you’re naked, because everyone else will. Instead enjoy one of the most healthy and relaxing pastimes that the Japanese have enjoyed for thousands of years.

 Just don’t visit the sex museum beforehand.



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