Or, in spanish, el camino de la muerte. Or Yungas Road, which doesn’t mean anything comparing to death road! It is actually a 69 km road, leading from Bolivia capital La Paz to the city of Coroico in the Amazon jungle. This road was built in 1937 by Paraguayan war prisoners, and the government of Bolivia spared a lot by this road. There are no side protection, nevertheless on one side there is a deep canyon. Going out of the road means no escape.

During the years and centuries the road made many victims, and even today it takes its tribute of 200-300 people yearly. In 1974 Bolivia’s worst car accident took place naturally on Camino de la muerte: an overcrowded bus gone in the canyon killing 100 people.

Death road,Bolivia

Nowadays the road is oficially closed to public circulation, but some local unaware people still go by car there(they shall keep left, while in the rest of the country the people stay on the right side!). There is another road leading from La Paz to Coroico,much more modern and safer.

In 1990 the crazy bikers discovered the Death Road as a thing to do before you die. It surely is! The downhill measures 3000 metres, and it is a pure adrenaline adventure, an ultimate experience.

My tips:

-do not look bellow

-take care to your companions, as they will care you

-have a good bike with reinforced checked brakes

pray a lot to your God, you are very close to him

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