Few people would disagree that Hong Kong is a favorite amongst shoppers all over the world. The difference in language and culture is not a barrier when it comes to fully enjoying this major shopping hub in Asia. I have personally met people during my travels, telling me that they went as far as taking Cantonese language lessons just to converse with the locals in Hong Kong and to enjoy special bargains throughout their shopping trips. Prices are extremely attractive in Hong Kong, and competitive too. From brand name clothes and the latest electronic gadgets to charming souvenirs, everything comes with attractive price tags that will sure to delight hardcore shoppers!

Hong Kong is truly a shopping haven – Just look at the amount of shopping malls littering the city! Those who crave luxury brands should grab a cab to Festival Walk, a shopping mall where you can pretty much find whatever your heart desires. There’s literally something for everyone, and families will love the cheery atmosphere while couples can go skating at the indoor skating rink once they tire of the countless outlets in the mall. The IFC Mall is also a must-visit if you want even more shopping outlets. Check out the world class Cineplex housed in the mall showing the latest local and international movies on the silver screen.

Don’t intend to run up a huge credit card bill? No problem! Shopping in Hong Kong won’t necessarily make your bank account go bust, just head over to Kowloon if you want to get your hands on affordable items. Ladies Market, or what the locals refer to as “Lui Yan Kai”, offers a mind-numbing array of goods specially for the ladies. From handbags and luggage carriers to makeup to clothes, Ladies Market also has a great selection of nail and massage parlours for the girls to unwind. Nathan Road has a little something for everyone, and one can also visit Mongkok for a wide array of yummy street food not found anywhere else outside Hong Kong. The Flower Market is the place to go if you seek fresh and beautiful flowers as well as rare blooms that will cost a pretty penny. Goldfish Market is sure to delight the young ones with its many shops selling fishes and related paraphernalia.

Shopping in Hong Kong can be a joyous occasion but it pays to hone your bargaining skills before you start your sojourn. The traders welcome foreigners with open arms but you can really get your money’s worth if you knew how to strike a good deal!



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