Lake Nakuru lies in Central Kenya, near the city of Nakuru. It is a Rift lake and its waters are lukewarm and have a certain level of alkalinity, making the algae growing very fast.  So fast that they could simply swallow and destroy the lake!

Flamingoes at Lake Nakuru

Flamingos at Lake Nakuru

But fortunately this thing  doesn’t happen because of the many flamingos which are eating these algae. The flamingos at Nakuru Lake offers an incredible show. It is amazing, breathtaking, spectacular. It is actually the most spectacular bird show on our planet!

Unfortunately this magnific birds and their habitat are threatened by hunting and by pollution. In the 90’s the level of Lake Nakuru diminished considerably, but happily it has recovered. I hope you still can see Lake Nakuru in its genuine state, covered with so many pink flamingos!

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park

The Lake Nakuru protected area covers also the savannas neighboring to Lake Nakuru, which offer also a rich incredible wild life (rhinos, lions etc). In the nearby mountains are forests and be sure to organize a safari in these savannas and forests.

But don’t forget the flamingoes of Lake Nakuru, as they are the main reason to be here.  They are so many (hundreds of thousands, if not millions) and eat daily 500 tonnes of algae. Watch them carefully, and take care about the environment.




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