The city of  Sydney in Australia is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world; Sydney is located on a harbor, and as such this one of the most beautiful aspect of the city.


The city has grown to become one of the most visited tourist cities in the world, it is blessed with numerous wildlife parks, as well as top class hotels, such as devere, the menzies, mecure hotels among many others are available for ideal comfort.

During vacation in the city, you could decide to visit the Taronga zoo, located at Bradley’s road, you definitely will have fun watching different species of animals here.

Also enjoy a memorable experience by visiting the manly beach resort, this is an ideal place to have unlimited fun, there are hiking activities to perform, skiing, as well as beach walk are just a few of the activities here.

You could also go for a city tour, there are lots of attractions in Sydney, but a site never worth missing is the gigantic Sydney opera house, the sight of this edifice reflects total beauty will surely take you breath away.

Take a walk tour on the city’s harbor bridge, this is the best place to have a clear view of the city of Sydney, from this bridge you can see several of the city’s attractions from a glance.

The city is known for its numerous cafes, shops, bars, as well as restaurant that you can visit. Visit marques restaurant in the city center, here is the ideal place to enjoy European, French, and Mediterranean cuisines, as well as any of your favorite wine.


You can decide to go out and enjoy a simple picnic, this you can do by visiting the city’s bondi beach, what an excellent beach place to be!, the beauty of this place is that it is all fun rolled into one, there are nite clubs to listen to cool and enjoyable music lyrics, there is also McDonald’s and souvenir stands for any of your favorite snacks, this place is a complete and perfect experience never to be missed.




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