Temple of Saturn - Rome

Italy is one of the most popular European countries known for its history, art and culture, architecture, fashion and cuisine. A visit to Italy is a one of a kind experience as it has some of the most beautiful cities in the world and the top ten cities are:

Rome is the capital of Italy. It offers history and architectural treasure in almost every corner of the city. Piazza Di Spagna and The Vatican, a walled city within the city, are not to be missed. It has many medieval churches, ancient monuments and museums. It boasts of some of the country’s finest restaurants and night life.

Venice is known to be among one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world; situated on water in the middle of lagoon. Piazza San Marco is known to be the heart of Venice with a marvelous church. It has some great seafood restaurants. Streets are narrow traffic free and an ultimate canal ride through the interconnected water ways is recommended.

Florence is world famous for its art. It has sculptures, buildings, paintings and frescoes by artists like Da Vinci and Titian. Its Duomo, Baptistery, Medici palaces and botanical gardens are a must visit.

Milan is one of the most uptown cities of Italy and is one of the fashion centers of the world. The city is known for fast paced fashion sense and style; it has famous designer shops, galleries and restaurants. It is the home of famous football clubs A.C Milan and Inter. La Scala is the most popular opera house in the world.

Naples is most famous for being the home of the world famous dish Pizza and had recently undergone a renovation; it is now said to be at its vibrant best restoring its historic architectural treasures to its former glory. It is the country’s most beautiful port.

Turin is famous for elegant chic shops, restaurants and historic café’s. It also boasts of some extravagant architecture and history. Via Po (walkway) and Il Quadrilatero (medieval centre) make it ideal to explore it on foot.

Bologna has some ancient architecture with beautiful churches and monuments. It is known for its liberal politics and academic influence with an age old famous university and fine cuisine; pasta, tortellini and Bolognese sauce originated here.

Verona is mostly known for Romeo and Juliet story setting and a world famous opera festival. It has a great medieval centre and a fascinating castle complex.

Perugia is a youthful place with universities and foreign language schools. Piazza Italia, Piazza Partigiani and Fontana Maggiore are the main attracting spots. Music and food (especially chocolate) are an important part of the city.

Genoa is Italy’s principal seaport with a large medieval centre. It has a number of renaissance palaces, museums, galleries and a fascinating aquarium. The city introduced Pesto to the world cuisine.



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