Spring is definitely one of the most celebrated seasons around the world. After all, who wouldn’t want to highlight the beginning of life? There are ten specific spots in the world you should not miss out in if you want to experience the best of this season. Come and see them for yourself.

Keukenhof, Netherlands
You might not be familiar with this area between Amsterdam and the Hague in Netherlands, but Nothing screams spring more than a field full of tulips, though, and this is the best place to see them. Aside from tulips, Keukenhof is also home to a multitude of spring flowers, and it is undoubtedly the best spot in Europe to be in during spring if you’ve come for the scenery alone.  If you like your scenery polished, frequent the area’s best gardens. There’s plenty of bulbs in the wild, too, if you want a more rustic taste of this Dutch territory.

Northern India
In India, they celebrate “Holi” or the coming of Spring, and it’s certainly one of the world’s most colorful festivals for the season. Aside from much eye-candying during the festivities, you would also appreciate the essence of the celebrations, as locals welcome the triumph of goodness over evil.
You will want to bring your camera as you explore the streets of Nepal and other areas of Northern India, but make sure your gear is water- and possibly shock-proof. Don’t wear anything you’re scared of ruining too. This celebration of colors is more than just a light show. You may be splattered with paint, colored water, or colored chalk even if you’re safely on the sidelines.

Bluebell Woods, England
If you’re an English local, then you must know the bluebell woods in England like the back of your hand. This is a very popular spot during the springtime because of the number of bluebells growing like grass in the area. The vibrant color of the flowers is easily Britain’s clue that winter has passed and the season of love is here again. Most of the people who come here are photographers, out to get some unique pastoral shots. It’s also a good spot for a family picnic and afternoon out. 
There are plenty of bluebell spots in the country, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel just to find them. You may contact the Woodland Trust for their exact locations. Just in case you can’t wait for the bluebells to bloom, you might want to give the woods a visit anyway and spot snowdrops in full bloom. These pretty white flowers are the fitting prelude to the England’s famous blue blooms. 

Hong Kong’s Lantern Festival
While half of the world’s population is probably flying off to Hong Kong for this spring’s lantern festival, it’s still worth a try. Watch and join locals as they let go of thousands of paper lanterns in the night sky. Hopefully, the spring climate would remain mild and clear, and no rain would get in the way of your lantern-lit skies. What’s the best part of this festival? If you watched Tangled with your kids, you’ll know how special this festival of lights is. Spring is also the season of love, so if you’re traveling with a special someone to Hong Kong, lighting up a lantern and wishing for your future together would be an extremely romantic gesture.

El Castillo, Chichen Itza, Mexico
If you want to get to know Spring more, you can go deeper than just admiring the pretty parades of colors and lights. You can go to Chichen Itza, Mexico, and marvel at how advanced our Mayan forefathers were at their time. Each Spring, El Castillo in Chichen Itza drives droves and droves of travelers to look at the marvels of this giant pyramid. From March 18 to 22 of this year, you will be able to witness the descent of Kukulcan, the Mayans’ snake deity.  Of course, we’re not really looking at a deity, but at the genius behind the construction of this pyramid.

The alignment of the sun and the positioning of the pyramid allows for the formation of feathered serpent shadows on El Castillo’s northern staircase. For the terribly scientific, the magical quality of the shadow play might be overlooked, but no one can deny how well the Mayans artfully manipulated the Spring Equinox.

Cherry blossoms in Japan
One of the most iconic festivals during the Springtime is probably the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan. Aside from the beauty of the cherry trees at this time of the year, also a sight to behold are the colorful kimonos adorned by Japanese men and women. Fireworks usually follow at night and there are night markets during this festival. Most travelers frequent Japan during this time of the year to experience the country’s strong cultural roots. There are also numerous other blooms to admire aside from cherry blossoms.

Beltane Festival, Edinburgh
If you plan to celebrate Spring by exploring the pagan roots of your forefathers, festivities can’t get more pagan than the Beltane in Edinburgh. This is held annually at the Carlton Hill every April 30, and you can expect rituals celebrating fertility. Bonfire dances, drum poundings, the procession of the May Queen and the Green Man, and spectacular fire displays are bound to wow you during these festivities.

Naghol in the Pentecost Island, Vanuatu
If you want to know what inspired bungee-jumping in the past, the answer is the Naghol or land diving ritual in the Pentecost Island. This ritual is practiced by locals entering manhood. It is also held to give thanks to the island’s rich yam harvest during this time of the year. A tower is usually built out of yam trees, and liana vines are tied to their ankles. Participants have their heads just grazing the ground. No outsiders are allowed to perform the ritual, and guests must be very respectable while witnessing the Naghol.

“Black Sun” in Denmark
If you want a somewhat eerie but beautiful experience of Spring, you should go to Denmark’s Tonder Marsh. Over one million birds migrate here during the spring, blocking out the sun, and creating the “Black Sun” effect in the sky. This usually occurs during mid-March or mid-April, and you can witness this during the sunset. Birds don’t follow the human calendar, though, so if you want a close to 100% sure sighting of the phenomenon, it’s best to consult a guide.

Mardi Gras in Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans
Of course, everyone knows that Spring is also the time for Mardi Gras—that wild street party which has everyone on a booze fest. This celebration is held globally to celebrate “the pleasures of the flesh” before the Lenten Season begins. The best street parties, however, are in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Pack your best costume in your backpack, and make sure you’re prepared to drink your heart to its merriest.




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