Here are some of the places that only the most insane people will try to break into:

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

It is 2012, and for those who believe Armageddon might come soon, the few who will survive has this big vault in a mountain in Spitsbergen, 390 feet below ground, storing all hope for mankind. This vault houses about half a million samples of the plant species. It is about 620 miles from the North Pole and protected by miles of ocean. It is practically resistant to earthquake and any potential nuclear disaster that can wipe everything off the face of earth. It is also high enough that it is safe from flooding. The vaults are enclosed behind four steel doors and we heard that the keys to these doors are not under the doormat.

Granite Mountain

For more than five decades, the Granite Mountain has been keeping safe the genealogical library of the Mormon Church. The library houses more than 3.5 billion copies of census records and immigration papers about 600 feet underneath the mountain. The documents were collected from libraries, churches, and archives from more than a hundred countries, and then digitized by the archivist of the Mormon Church. The whole facility is climate controlled and sealed off by a 14-ton door that can withstand a nuclear blast. There are of course armed guards around the facilities.

Fort Knox

The security around Fort Knox is simply ridiculous. You have to deal with four layers of fences, video cameras, and a whole lot of armed sentinels. Most likely you will not be able to force your way into the granite walls, even using explosives, as they are 4 feet thick and reinforced by 750 tons of steel. Let us say you are lucky and get past the guards armed to the teeth with the best weapons available, you might not be able to crack open the door of the vault that weighs about 22 tons. Opening the door though is not impossible but you need to have a complete roll call of the staff members who hold portions of the combination. Inside the big vault are smaller vaults. And voila, you can start bagging 5,000 tons of gold inside. But once you get out, most likely about 30,000 soldiers are waiting for you.

Federal Reserve Bank in New York

Just a few blocks from the Wall Street is the Federal Reserve Bank which holds a fourth of all the gold in the world. Three storeys below ground is a storage of gold bullions amounting to about $270 billion. About 98% of the gold bullions here are owned by other nations that trust the safety and security of the vault. The vault is surrounded by solid rock on all sides, marksmen keep a tight watch, and sealed by a steel door weighing 90 tons.

Iron Mountain

The patent for the light bulb, Einstein’s photo while sticking out his tongue, and remains of Flight 93 are all stored under the Iron Mountain. The vaults here are actually formed from old mine houses about two hundred feet below the ground and covers about 1.7 million sq.ft. Some of the vaults are occupied by the U.S. Government while the identities of other vault owners are not disclosed. Some of the known vault occupants are the Smithsonian Insitution, Corbis, and the Warner Brothers. Stored here are thousands of recordings, documents, film reels, and photo negatives. It is also home to some data centers that back up some of the biggest companies in the United States. The guards here are well armed and inspect guests in a way that the TSA will be embarassed.



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