Despite the paranoia caused by terrorist threats around the globe, there are still places that you can visit and feel safe. There are still countries where you can stay for a few days or a few weeks and do not hear of anything about serious crimes and petty offenses. If you are planning for a family vacation, you may want to consider the following places which have the lowest crime rates according to some surveys:


Luxembourg is considered as the safest destination in the globe.  The small country serves home to only 500,000 individuals and somehow explains why it is very easy to keep a good watch. The safest city attributes its near perfect peace and order to its very happy citizens who are very rule-oriented.


How about a homicide rate of just 0.38 for every 100,000 individuals? Because of that very low number, Singapore is considered as the safest place in Asia and among the safest countries in the world.  Compare it Venezuela or Honduras with 52 and 58 homicides, respectively, for every 100K people annually.

Some may find going around Singapore boring, but that is only true if you do not know what to explore. The place is a melting pot of different cultures with a mix of Chinese, Indian, Malay, Arabic and Western influences. Crime offenders face huge penalties. Drug trafficking for example is punishable by death.


Going to Iceland is also very safe. As in really safe. The number of policemen in the whole of Iceland is just 700. No police office carries a gun. These law enforces take other jobs as well when there is nothing much to cover in terms of crime prevention. On the other side of the coin, the prison cells aren’t too occupied too. There are only 130 prisoners in Iceland who also visit their families and friends during the holidays. The rate of murder in Iceland is 0. Nothing lower than that in the whole world.


This country has been on the top safest destinations of the world for quite some time now. Its people are considered as among the wealthiest and happiest in the world.  The homicide rate in Denmark is a mere 0.88 for every 100,000. Other crimes like pick pocketing and robberies are also very low in terms of statistics. You also don’t to worry about animal attacks or natural disasters since the chances for these are very slim.  One problem though is the irresistible beer of the Danish. J


Japan can be considered as the second safest country in Asia next to Singapore. Homicides are at a very low rate of 0.44 for every 100,000 annually. Japan can also be considered as very safe if you compare the occurrences of theft and other crimes to neighbour countries. The honesty system of lost and found still works for Japan. In case you forgot about a grocery bag somewhere, expect your goods to still be there when you rush back.  Japan is also great if you will be travelling with your kids since their hotels and most of the public infrastructures are child friendly.

New Zealand

Nature lovers flock to New Zealand for obvious reasons. If you are concerned about your safety, this country has a very low rate of 2.0 homicide per 100,000 every year. Unlike in Australia, you will not find the most venomous of creatures in its isolated topography. The chances of tropical storms are also very low since it is way far south.


Dublin is also considered as among the safest cities in the world. Its 0.32 homicide rate per 100K annually is one of the lowest in Europe. You need to remember though that common sense is still a good thing to keep when touring the capital where pickpockets and thieves may prowl.


The homicide rate in Norway is 0.71 for every 100,000. The country made it to the safest destinations list according to the different travel surveys. Norway offers an ideal holiday destination for families. The economy is very stable, very low probability for natural disasters, even pick pocketing is considered to be very minimal. You need to be ready to spend though if you want to have a vacation in Norway since it is considered to be the most expensive Scandinavian destination.



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