Mountain climbing is one of the most popular travel adventure activities today. Although every dreams of conquering Mt. Everest, most people do not have the technical skills and the budget for such feat. For beginners, we line up mountain climbing destinations which does not require risking dear life too much, which do not require too much equipment and technical skills, and which do not require too much digging of your bank account.

Ben Nevis

This is the highest mountain in Scotland. The crowd gets quite thick though and most of the time you will literally have to line up after a long queue of hikers and climbers. If you do not like this picture, you can go for the more challengine Carn mor Dearg and other Scottish peaks you can try to climb.


Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain to conquer in Greece and is the legendary abode of the gods. Get those boots working and trek up to Mytikas at 2918 meters which is the highest peak of this mountain. Your two day hike will start from Prionia which is around 18 kilometers from Litohoro. From Prionia, you can reach Refuge A in less than 3 hours and get to the summit after 3 more hours. Make sure you sign the log at the summit.


Gunung Bromo

This mountain in Indonesia is literally smoking as it traces its roots from the Tengger crater. The volcanic peak rises to 2392 meters and is among the most popular moutains to visit in this corner of the globe. If you are a beginner, the best route to take will be the one from Cemoro Lawang which can be accessed via Probolinggo city. Ready your camera as you cross the Sand Sea crater and as you get to the summit of Bromo in just an hour or so. Gunung Bromo is only one of the five mountains in this volcanic region, so you can jump from one plan to another in case Bromo is too easy for your boots.


Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus is considered as the highest mountain in Europe located just between the border of Russia and Georgia. When you look at this mountain, it may seem a very daunting task as it is a thousand or so meters higher than the peaks nearby. You do not have to worry too much though since you will not really have to deal with technical challenges. You can even ride a chairlift if you want to begin your journey at around 3800 meters up the mountain. From here you can go to Camp 11 and from this base camp you can get to the summit within eight hours. Although it will not be a very difficult climb, always respect mother nature as the mountain also claimed some lives in the past.


Mount Fuji

It might not be advisable right now to visit Japan as the country struggles to stand up from the 9.0 earthquake and the tsunami. One famous mountain to climb here though will be the gigantic Mount Fuji with its tip at 3776 meters. The best time to visit the highest peak in Japan will be from July through August in terms of weather but the crowds will be there too. The climb to the peak will be almost five hours from the usual starting points. Try to get to the summit before sunrise and before the clouds.


Mount Whitney

If you are from the United States, the best walk up mountain to go to will be Mount Whitney in the state of California. This mammoth has a whopping elevation of around 14,494 feet. For beginners, this can be surely a good place to start and a good accomplishment at the end of the day.


Jebel Toubkal

The highest mountain in North Africa, ironically, is very kind to its climbers. After enjoying great Morrocan food in Marrakesh, you can take a taxi to Imlil which is just a few hours of walk away from the Toubkal Refuge. The base camp is at 3200 meters already of the 4167 meter giant. The trip to the summit will take you a few hours and you will still have enough time to go back to Imlil in 24 hours. Be ready though to handle a quicksand like trek along the slopes of the Jebel Toubkal.


Half Dome

The Half Dome is one amazing rock in the Yosemite Valley, USA. The way up starts at the Happy Isles and you can trek to the 1000 m peak with some steel cables helping you manage the final challenge to the summit. The view from the flat top is breath taking as it gives you a panorama of the beautiful valley. You can complete the journey in one day if you start early but if you are planning to stay over night, do not forget to bring enogh supplies for the night.


Table Mountain

This South African mountain has around three hundred walking paths. The flat top gives you the most wonderful view of Cape Town. If you plan to get to the summit quickly, thake the Platteklip Gorge route. This route will only take around three hours to the top and you can still enjoy some refreshments on the cafe on top of the mountain. If you want to take it easy, take the Back Table route where the gradient are the gentlest but the longest. Too tired to hike down? Don’t worry since there is a cable car that you can take going down Table Mountain.


Mount Haleakala

This mountain forms most part of Maui, Hawaii. It is among the top destinations in Hawaii if you want to explore the volcanic features of the islands. You can ride a vehicle to the summit but the best way is to hike through the park and conquer its dramatic terrain. Mount Haleakala is considered as a sacred place by the locals. It might also the best place on earth to see the heavenly bodies.




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