If you love mixing travel with wild encounters with nature, you will never ran out of things to do in Scotland. The best things to do in Scotland ranges from hiking, sledding, biking, kayaking and a lot more. And all these while working with huskies, enjoying a great view, or getting up close and personal with animals that you never imagined you’ll get up close to in your life time. Here is a good list for your Scotland adventure:

Time travel at one of the geopark

Yes, you can go back in time when you visit Scotland. Well, not literally go back in time but at least see how the earth might have been like ages ago at one of Scotland’s geopark. Go to the North West Highlands and you will see an amazing landscape which was barely touched and barely changed since the last ice age.

You can drive around or bike if you want to go around some fascinating sights like the sea caverns used for the Pirates of the Caribbean, Smoo Cave, the Eas a Chual Alurin waterfall, and the splintered Stac Pollaidh ridge.

Stay in your own lighthouse

Just by Gairloch there is the lighthouse of Rua Reidh. You will find this lighthouse at the end of a narrow road used by slow herds of sheep and on black rocks slammed by the waters of Minch. This lighthouse operates on its own like all of the lighthouses in the UK that have been automated. The former quarters have been converted to bunkrooms, bedrooms, and a living room. You can also arrange a guided walk around the area.

Go up the sugarloaf mountain

You will have to start your climb gradually from a slope of rocks and plants and deal with the sharp climb up the monolith Suilven. This place is in Assynt and is a few hours from Inverness. It will be a 22 kilometer round trip so it really does not get crowded up there. This is a no joke and you need to be fit if you want to try this. You can join a guided tour but you can also get a map if you want to do it by yourself or with some travel mates.

Walk across Fisherfield

Fisherfield is a vast remote piece of land in Wester Ross. Here you will see eagles, deer, and wildcats. You need to spend three days of hiking to cross Fisherfield. It might be wise to pack a tent because it is a lot better than a mud floored barn. Do not forget to bring the whole package of outdoor gear so you will have all the essentials while out there.

Go kitesurfing

Go power kiting on the beach of the Isle of Barra which is also the only place in the UK where you can find a sand airstrip. Well you will not be visiting the island to fly a plane but you can enjoy a different kind of flying. With the big space and strong winds, plus a power kite., you will have a blast!

Husky sledding in Scotland

It might not be your idea of Scotland but you can got husky sledding in Scotland even though it is not winter. The best time is winter of course but they put wheels on the sled when its not winter. A pack of racing dogs pull the sled and you can go thru the forest of Cairngorms.

Go to the remotest corner of Britain

We are talking about the archipelago of St. Kilda, 65 kilometers from the Outer Hebrides. It is literally on the edge of Britain as it is on the edge of its continental shelf. From the boat , you will see a busy sky with different kinds of birds hovering above you. On the island of Hirta, you will see memories of settlers that used to live there by harvesting oats and fulmars. The last settlers were evacuated back in the 1930s when life was on the isle was proven to be unsustainable.

Conquer 7 Munros in a day

There are are more than 290 Munros (peaks more than 3,000 feet) in Scotland. In Kintail, you will find a series of seven Munros. It is a pretty tough climb for the first Munro but the next six peaks will be breeze. The climb is actually a good workout if you are looking for some travel fitness.

Whale watching in Mull

If you are planning to go whale watching, the best place to go to is Mull. You can see orca and minke whales can be seen here. You can join a tour by wildlife experts and you may even see basking sharks, porpoises, and dolphins.

Spot Sea Eagles on their nests

Considered as among the biggest birds of prey in the world, the sea eagle has a wing span of more than 2 meters. The sea eagle was already wiped out in the UK but thru a program which started in 1975, the sea eagle was able to start another home in Scotland’s west coast.



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