People who say it’s not cool to travel after Summer have never enjoyed the perks of off-season travels.  Take the month of October for instance.  Apart from the ever popular Oktoberfest, there are many other activities that can perk up your travel itineraries.  Whether you are seeking solitude, adventure, and /or adrenaline rush, here are many unique places to see this October that will surely change the way you see vacations during the latter part of the year.  So before you decide to just stay at home this October, here’s a list of the best travel destinations and activities you can explore outside your comfort zone.

Take on the white waters of Nepal

Nepal Adventure

For some adrenaline rush adventure, go to Nepal and go white-water rafting.  From beginners to enthusiasts alike, there are activities you can enjoy in the waters.  You can choose from day trips to week-long adventures and even join their expert paddlers in some serious white-water rafting trips.  The best time to visit Nepal and enjoy this activity is between mid October and November.  During this time, the rapids are strong but manageable at the same time.  Take on the steepest Bhote Koshi and the Upper Kali Gandaki.

Head to Paphos, Cyprus

Best Cyprus Beaches

Thank God for places like Paphos, Cyprus and its long summers, which last till November.  No kidding! Now, another pro to visiting Paphos is that this place isn’t booming with tourists just yet.  So you can just kick off your shoes, don a hat, and get a tan in one of the beautiful beaches.  Charming little houses in their equally charming coastal villages offer good accommodations to visitors.

Visit Crete, Greece

Activities in Crete

It’s always summer in Greece. Okay, maybe not the real deal summer experience you’re counting on but while the rest of Europe is comfortably settling into the coolness of Autumn, visiting Crete, Greece will allow you to stretch that summer feeling.   All over Greece, Crete is blessed with the longest summers. If you’re one of those travelers who hate the canned fish feeling of having to share the beach with so many travelers and locals, you will definitely enjoy the low key beaches here.  You can also hike Samaria Gorge and have fun getting lost in its 16-kilometer route.

Admire the Cherry Blossoms in Hokkaido, Japan

Cherry Blossoms Japan

Beautiful, majestic, and famous. For those of you who have never experienced seeing the cherry blossoms in Japan, October is the best time to witness it with your very own eyes.  This trip is quite mellow and is perfect for those people who seek introspection and escape from city stress.  While you’re in Hokkaido, why not soothe away your problems in one of their many hot springs.

Buy Art in London

Art Festivals

New York’s is not the only buzzing art scene in the world.  In fact, London’s annual Frieze Art Festival is very popular among today’s contemporary art circle.  With one-day ticket at £32, you can admire more than 1,000 works of art made by famous artists all over the world.  Like any other art event, there are also film screenings, debates, and even musical performances.  If you find yourself in London in October, don’t forget to check out the Frieze Art Festival and bring home a work of art.

Go Partying in Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza Party

Who says summer is the best time to party? Maybe you’ve never been to Ibiza in October.  If you want epic music parties, pack your bags and fly to Ibiza in October where local DJs in Pacha and DC10 will take you away on a different world with music.

Visit the beautiful, floral desert of Chile

 desierto florido Chile

There is a semi-desert area in Chile (stuck between Copiapo and Vallenar) that is most beautiful in October.  While most deserts are home to cacti and dried up shrubs, this particular semi-desert blooms with a collection of colorful flowers.  This natural phenomenon is called desierto florido, which translates to “flowering desert”.  This occurrence is so intense that many travelers visit this semi-desert in plain awe.  Many photographers also visit the area.

Catch a glimpse of giant whales in Península Valdés, Argentina

 Whale Watching

For the more adventurous types, head to Península Valdés in Argentina and watch the southern right whales in their natural habitat.  One interesting fact about their name is that they are called “right” whales because this is the variety of whales that are easy to harpoon.  Why? Because they are a bit slow and contain tons of oil.  Moreover, they float when they die, which makes them easier to catch.  Sad, isn’t it?  But we are not harpooning any whales here.  October is the best time to catch a glimpse of nature’s giant whales. And boy, they are majestic.

Experience the Dussehra, Durga Puja in India

 India Travel

In India, the biggest festival for the Bengali Hindus takes place in October:  the Dussehra, Durga Puja.  This is a celebration where they commemorate and reenact how the goddess Durga slew the evil buffalo Mahisasura.  Durga is a goddess with ten arms and her godly act represents the triumph of good over evil.  Aside from the reenactment, the festival of the Dussehra, Durga Puja is also popular because of its beautiful papier-mâché Durga giants that are being paraded all throughout the city.  After the parade, the papier-mâché Durga idols are then submerged in the Hooghly River which ends the event.

Trick and Treat during Halloween in the United States

 Best Halloween Destinations US

These days, trick or treat isn’t just for kids anymore.  We see many teenagers and young adults going from house to house trick or treating.  Apart from that, many cities in the United States come alive at night with people dressed up in the Halloween best and party the night away, making it one big celebration that many people look forward too.  After all, Halloween parties are great excuses to dress up in your slut best without judgment.  In New York, the biggest Halloween event takes place in Greenwich Village where participants are dressed up in the wildest and most creative costumes ever.  There are even people who come as the wildest and creepiest circus performers.  The fun doesn’t stop at costume contests.  There are also ghost tours you can take on if you’re one of the more adventurous types.




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