I am sure you would like to visit Berlin, it is a magnetic city. I will introduce it to you , with your permission.

Berlin is attested since the XIIIth century, and is the german capital since 300 years. Nowadays, with its 3,5 millions inhabitants, it is the country’s biggest and most important city. It is a modern city with first class universities and research centre, modern industries like IT, vehicle manufacturation, traffic engineering, biotechnology etc.

Berlin is famous for its liberal way of life, zeitgeist and low costs of living. During the 70’s the big singer David Bowie said nice words about this extravagant city. And John Fitzgerald Kennedy declared in West Berlin, during the cold war: “Ich bin ein Berliner“. Marlene Dietrich was also eine Berlinerin!

Berlin is a major power pole in Europe, and has been playing this play since two centuries. And in modern times, if you remember the cold war, Berlin was world’s most important city. It must have been painful and traumatic for the Berliner seeing their city divided by a wall! The Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was a big symbol of ending the cold war and major motiv of joy.

You can still see the remainings of the wall as a graffitti, where artists from 21 countries painted (ask about the East Side Gallery). And you can see also the Checkpoint Charlie, where officials could pass from East Berlin to West Berlin. Here you can experience on yourself the crossing border, but now it is very easy; during cold war it was dead danger.

I will come back with some hot details about Berlin (e.g. Beate Uhse erotic museum, claiming to be the world’s biggest).



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