When the snow starts, it is time for the winter gear to get out of the storage and it is time to think of your winter activities. There is more to winter than skiing so if you do not like the idea of gliding down the slopes, here are some of the best travel destinations for you this season:

Zermatt in Switzerland

Winter destinations

Take a ride on the red train called Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn and enjoy the amazing vista of the dazzling Alps. The small liner journeys from Zermatt going to St. Moritz or Davos through 291 bridges and jaw-dropping scenery. It is the slowest express train you will take but every second of the 7.5 hour trip is worth it.

From Zermatt, the Gornergrat Bahn will bring you thru fairytale forests and alpine meadows as it goes up the Gornegrat. When the weather is excellent, the Matterhorn will be in full view. When you get to your destination, you can relax, enjoy the panorama, and some hot fondue.

Kirkenes in Norway

King Crab Safari

Bring your warmest clothing and head to Norway for a safari far from what you imagine. You will not be looking for the king of the beasts just like how you scan the African landscape for lions, but you will be looking for king crabs.

If this is your idea of spending the winter, you can join the adventure with King Crab Safari adventures hosted by Arctic Adventure Resort. This will be a day trip to the fjord with the most experienced divers in search for king crabs. And the best part, you will be doing the eating after.

After the trip, you will head back to the resort and the chefs will do their magic using white wine, garlic dressing, lemon, white bread, and the king crabs.

Jigokudani, Japan

Japan Hot Springs

Winter is also the best time to enjoy hot baths and discover how the snow monkeys in the Jigokudani Yaenkoen Park also enjoy the long dip in the waters of the Yokoju River. The location really translates to Hell’s Valley because of the steamy hot water and the steep cliffs.

Jigokudani is covered with snow for a third of a year and the macaques living in the area enjoy the hot water to survive through winter. You will be seeing them playing while enjoying the hot springs. Please do not feed the monkeys or try to pet them since they are not tamed and may attack you if they feel, in any way, threatened.

Georgetown Lake in Colorado

Ice Racing

If you feel the need for speed, on ice that is, then head to Georgetown Lake come January thru March. Brave speeding on the frozen lake which is just less than an hour away from Denver. You just need your four-wheel drive ride, a license, and a small entry fee and you are set.

Well if you do not feel like stepping on the throttle against other ice racers, you can also watch the race. The best day to see this is on Saturdays when drivers put bolts or studs on their wheels to give them additional traction.

Lake Placid in New York

Bobsledding Experience in NY

Do you dream of how it feels like being a top athelete? Head to the 1980 Winter Games’ venue at the Olympic Sports Complex in Lake Placid. You can take a spin on the luge,skeleton, and bobsled tracks. You cannot do it alone though but professional drivers and brakemen will be more than willing to take you down bursting down the icy track. It will be pure adrenalin rush!



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