The key to perfect traveling is keeping everything light and streamlined. The following gadgets can help you maintain the simplicity of backpacking without sacrificing the convenience of having all the necessary traveling tools around. For example, why should you pack all the adapters and chargers of your phone, laptop, and MP3 player when there’s a powermat which can charge everything for you?

Below are the most cost and space efficient gadgets you should invest on if you travel a lot.

Get Rid of Bacteria

Getting rid of bacteria is easy even while you’re traveling. The Adventurer Opti is probably the lightest and most portable water purifier in the market today. Imagine never having to worry about stomach aches whenever you travel to regions of the world where there are no portable water. The Adventurer Opti only weight 3.6 oz. and is also an LED flashlight.

In fact, using only ultra-violet light, you can literally zap at least 99% of virus and bacteria which can be found in the water you’re drinking. What’s more, it only costs $99. If you consider all the water-borne diseases that you can get when you travel to distant countries, this is a small price to pay.


It takes talent and practice to pack your things right, but it’s also much easier when you use Ivar’s Day Packs. These bags have dividers which help to distribute the weight of your things evenly. This way, not everything is crammed at the bottom of your pack. Aside from protecting your things, you’ll also be protecting your back. For a mere $85, you can choose from seven different colors. Five of them won’t debut till July, though.

Until then, the day packs are only available in gray and black.

See Things Clearer—Even Underwater

If you’re going diving with the sharks, you’d want only the best eye gear underwater. You shouldn’t settle for anything less than the Scuba Series High Definition Wide Angle Video Mask. Not only will you be able to see everything clearly, but capture it on video, too.  This way, you’ll have something to show to your friends and family when you get home from your adventure.

Of course, the video mask won’t be recording everything automatically. You’ll have to press the record button and keep your nerves intact throughout the entire experience. The video mask can also take five-MP stills so you don’t have to lug your underwater camera around. After all, you’d want your hands as free as possible while swimming with the sharks. This gadget costs $350.

More than just a photo

The Lumix ZS7 is a camera which comes with geotags that label all photographs and videos you take from it. This way, when you’re documenting your travels, you won’t have to rely on your hazy memory and notes just to put everything together. It’s almost like having a personal secretary around, keeping all the important information intact while you’re busy enjoying everything in sight.

The memory bank of this gadget is loaded with 500,000 important landmarks around the globe. Just choose one as you take high-definition (12.1-megapixel) images with your camera and you’re good to go. The camera even recognizes the attraction and identifies it for you just in case you’re not sure what it is. It’s definitely one of those intelligent travel tools you’d want to have with you all the time.

The camera costs $400 including the lens. For something so handy, this is a good price to pay.

Locate your luggage

How many times have you lost your luggage while traveling? If you’re flying to small airports, this is a very common occurrence. Who says you need to let this keep you from enjoying your trip, though? With the Easy 2 Pick Electronic Luggage Tag, you’ll never have to worry about losing your things again.

Of course, you need to be at least 90 feet from your bag to locate it. Once you press a button from your fob will vibrate, ring, or give off flashing lights should your bag be anywhere near. Although the gadget is no good, say, if your bag was loaded to a different plane, it’s definitely helpful if there’s a traveler with a similar-looking bag. You won’t have to worry about getting the wrong pack from the carousel again. This costs $25.

All-in-one charging station

Why carry chargers for every single gadget you’ll be bringing with you on your trip? With the Powermat Portable Mat Wireless Charging Station, you can keep everything powered up without worrying about wires getting tangled up inside your bag. Because you’ll be bringing only one charging station, you don’t have to worry about leaving anything essential behind, either. These all-in-one charging stations cost $100 apiece.

Airtight Wine Bags

Finally, you can transport bottles of wine even if you’re travelling by plane. With the Vinnibag, you can pack a bottle of wine without worrying about pressure making it pop and mess up the rest of your luggage. The inflatable bag also keeps the glass bottle from bumping and breaking against the rest of your things. Even if you’re not bringing wine along for the trip, you can also use the bag for other fragile items like figurines and perfume bottles.

If you have a lot of breakables, you can purchase as many of these inflatable bags as possible. They only cost $29 apiece.

Ear buds you can rely on

Music can keep you from getting too bored while travelling, especially if you’re in for a long haul. Unfortunately, not all travel conditions are perfect for dainty, frail ear buds they sell in most music stores today. IF you want ear buds you can rely on, rain or shine, you should get the CX 680 earbuds created by Sennheiser. To say that they’re tough is an understatement. The cords of these ear buds are woven with Kevlar, and because they’re sealed so well, they’re definitely waterproof.

The volume control is also installed right at the cord, so you’ll have an easy time managing volume levels while you’re inside the plane. Best of all, they’re affordable. You can buy each pair for as cheap as $90.



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