Christmas is coming and if you are dying to know what would make perfect gifts for a loved one who loves nothing more than traveling around the world, here’s a list of the top Christmas presents that would put a smile on their faces.

1. Apple iPhone
We already talked about how useful an iPhone is when it’s loaded chock full with great apps for travelers, so what are you waiting for? An iPhone connects a traveler to the Internet easily when he or she is in distress, and makes life more convenient when one is in a foreign land. Find out all about the iPhone here.

2. Swiss Army knife
Travelers and backpackers alike will all agree that a Swiss Army knife is indeed an indispensable item that must be included in their luggages. Whether it is a can opener or a screwdriver you are seeking, you can find it in your ever versatile Swiss Army knife. You can probably go one step further by giving your loved one a Swiss Army knife, deemed the most multifunctional ever by the Guinness World Records. It holds 85 tools and weighs 3 pounds. What a giant!

3. Notebook stand cum portable BBQ
It’s a notebook table, AND a portable barbecue all rolled into one flat contraption! Now you can work comfortable on top of a sturdy surface and have your own barbecue on the go! How convenient is that? Check it out here.

4. Anorak jacket cum pillow
I think we can all agree that it’s best to travel light when we’re backpacking so that’s why we should only bring only the most essential items. If there is one must-have item in our bag this Christmas, it is the anorak jacket cum travel pillow that does not only look good but is highly functional too. Wear it as a jacket one minute and use it as a travel pillow the next! Great for impromptu naps. Did we mention it’s unisex?

5. Solar backpack
Forget fancy backpacks that are expensive and difficult to carry. The solar backpack we have in mind is a great thing of beauty and packs a whole lot of punch when functionality is concerned. Besides looking fashionably good, this backpack has a small solar panel on its surface that stores solar energy in a light power pack which, when connected to an almost-dead digital camera or cell phone, will instantly bring them back to life! So very nifty!



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