MSI is the world leading company is bringing some of the best electronic devices to you for maximum comfort and style. They have recently announced the arrival of the world’s first laptop with Intel’s CULV platform.

The new MSI’s X-Slim X430 will officially hit the U.S market this month. The world’s first ultr thin and light weight notebook will be equipped with Intel’s CULV platform. It weight at only 1.3 kg and 19.88mm at its thickest pount. The X-Slim series offers fully functional I/O ports and displays which seems like the big turn on in the industry. The X-Slim X340 fully demonstrates its ability to integrate classic elegance with advanced technology, illustrating MSI’s power and aspirations as it establishes a global presence.


MSI reveals that the X-Slim series comes with X40 of which the X-Slim X340 comes equipped with the Intel CULV platform and Intel SU3500 CULV processor which consumes only 5.5w of power along. It also uses an ultra-light 4-cell Li-polymer battery for extended battery life.

The X340 may be small in size but one can not under-estimate the performance it promises to give. It features

  • 2.0 USB ports
  • HDMI
  • Audio output
  • Micropgone jack which can also be served as a second audio output to enhance the convenience of the machine.
  • A D-sub video out
  • A Lan port
  • Card reader and fully functional I/O support.

Being the first ultra-thin laptop in the world the X340 leaves the competition in the dust with it’s 13 inch high quality LED monitor which uses the same 16:9 golden ratio of theater screens.

There have been a few performance tests to check the capabilities of this machine and turns out that it can not only handle Windows Vista efficiently but also load various types of resource-hungry application software, verifying that equipped with Intel’s CULV, the X340 is not just another pretty face.



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