If you will be in NYC this summer, there are some interesting bars you can hop to from one hotel rooftop to another. Here are some of the best where you can enjoy a round of drinks, the view, some fresh air, and a good company of friends:

Above 6

The people at Six Columbus has made a great stride in terms of what you can see at Above 6. Before, you will be staring at a drain pipe but right now, you will be able to get a glimpse of the Central Park. This rooftop getaway is inspired by the 60s and gives you that arty and minimalist vibe. Sip some Hummingbird while enjoying the panorama.

Empire Hotel

The Rooftop of the Empire Hotel does not only boast of the neon sign anyone in NYC will not miss, it is also a good place to watch the people at the Lincoln Center. In case the weather man forecasts some rain showers for the day, no need to worry since they have a glass roofing which can protect you from the elements. Before going back to your activities, order a glass of Rebecca’s Royal Empire which is a mix of raspberries, Champagne, St. Germain, and Raspberry Massenez.

Hotel on Rivington

Starting next month, the rooftop of this hotel which houses a bi-level bar will be transformed into a rotating space that will be home to some pop up restaurants. The guys behind the project have not released full details about this exciting venture but is surely creating some buzz in the area.


This New York rooftop hideout is situated just behind the FoodParc of Ace Hotel. BeerPark features a rotating selection of good drinks and some nibbles.

Hotel Americano

This establishment is not open yet but it sure is another great place to hangout in Manhattan. The details are limited but we heard that the rooftop of Hotel Americano will be home to a Mediterranean restaurant, a terrace, and a pool. This will be a good spot when gallery visitors along the 10th and 11th Avenues need to cap their day with some good crowd and a round of cold drinks.



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