For most travelers, cleanliness plays an important part when they are traveling across the world. I’ve heard of horror stories where travelers report that some hotels were so dirty, they had to resort to sleeping upon their own blankets because the sheets were too dirty. There were even rubbish strewn on the floor and leftover dinners in the microwave! I wonder if these hotels ever had chambermaids to take care of the hotel’s hygiene at all!

Here, we’ve compiled the top 5 best hotels to visit in Australia and New Zealand if you like your mode of accommodation as spotlessly clean as ever!

1. Lilianfels Blue Mountains Hotel (Blue Mountains, Australia)
This boutique hotel boast of 85 rooms so charmingly decorated that one would fall in love as soon as he or she steps into the room! The luxurious decor and clean interior draw many travelers all over the world, and most are repeat guests. Don’t forget to check out the immaculately clean restaurants and hotel grounds during your next visit!

2. The Henry Jones Art Hotel (Hobart, Australia)
For a most unforgettable stay, you should consider making a reservaton at the Henry Jones Art Hotel located in Hobart, Australia. This is a hotel that not many have had the pleasure to stay in. The contemporary art pieces as well as dazzling architecture make the building an attractive place to stay in~

3. The Westin Auckland (Auckland, New Zealand)
Renowned for its strict no-smoking policy, the Westin Auckland is able to withhold its reputation as one of the most delightful and cleanest hotels in the area. The guests are only too eager to smoke outside the building. Besides that, the hotel staff is also praised as being a most helpful and pleasant lot. Don’t forget to bask in the lovely night time view along the marina before retiring at night.

4. Hotel Sofitel Queenstown (Queenstown, New Zealand)
The rooms at Hotel Sofitel Queenstown aren’t too posh but what draws the throng of tourists here year after year is its undisputed cleanliness and natural beauty. Hotel guests will never run out of things to see and do – there is a slew of activities that consist of bungy jumping and fishing. Hotel amenities such as spas and pools are also available for guests.

5. Huka Lodge (Taupo, New Zealand)
The Huka Lodge is not known for its luxurious decor but for its immaculate cleanliness. Guests report that the rooms are always made up spotlessly clean by expert staff. The pool and gardens are also well maintained, as you can see.



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