Language is fascinating and when you are in a different country, it is the wall which can help you make connections with other people or it is a barrier which can be a big hurdle to close a deal. We all sound differently when we talk when we all mean the same thing and trying to say the same thing.

It is priceless though how you can make locals smile when you try a few words of their native tongue. Knowing common phrases will help you find directions, bargain for a good price, win new friends or business partners, and save your life during unfortunate situations.

Those in Asia are very fascinated with how people in the west talk and act. Likewise, those from Europe, the Americas and other parts of the globe are mystified with the language, culture, practices, and traditions of the peoples frome the East.

You might be planning a holiday in Asia so we have come up with a list of common phrases that you can use when you go to some countries there. It is not so important to pronounce them perfectly but try to pronounce them well since what you are saying may spell and look the same but really has a different meaning when you say them aloud. Before heading off to to a certain country in Asia, or maybe anywhere in the world, it will always be helpful to try and learn a few words.

I know everyone might be looking for the curse words as curiousity always leads us to knowing the “nicest” words in a language but tough luck, we don’t have them on this one.

Here are some of the phrases you can use when you visit China, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, or Vietnam:


Hi                                                   Ni hao

good morning                           zao shang

good evening                            xia wu hao

thank you                                   xie xie

good bye                                     zai jian

I am lost                                     wo mi lu le

can you help me                      ni ken bang zhu wo ma

how much                                  zhe duo shao qian

excuse me                                  bao qian

what is your name                  ni jiao shen me ming zi

good luck                                   zhu ni hao yun

I’m sorry                                    dui bu qie

can you say it again               shen me zai shuo yi bian

can you speak slowly            qing zai shuo yi bian

write it down please              qing ji xia

I don’t understand                 wo bu dong

yes                                                shi

no                                                  bu

I am hungry                             wo e le

I am thirsty                              wo ke le

give me this                             gei wo

I love you                                wo ai ni

I feel sick                                  wo you dian bu shu fu

I need a doctor                      wo yao kan yi sheng


Hi                                                an yong ha se yo

good morning                       an yong hi ju mu sho sso yo

good evening                        shik sa ha sho sso yo

how are you                           chal ji nae sho sso yo

thank you                               kam sa ham ni da

welcome                                 a ni e yo

good bye                                an nyong hi ga se yo

I am lost                                 ki rul I ro bo ryo sso yo

can you help me                 chom to wa ju shil ssu ssu shi na yo

how much                              I ge ol ma ye yo

excuse me                             shil le ji man

what is your name              I ru mi o tto ke dwoe se yo

my name is                            cho nun _______ I e yo

good luck                               hang u nul bim ni da

I’m sorry                               choe song ham ni da

can you say it again          ta shi han bon mal ssu mae ju shi ge sso yo

can you speak slowly       chon cho ni mal ssu mae ju shi ge sso yo

write it down please         cho go ju se yo

I don’t understand            mo na ra dut kke sso yo

yes                                           shi

no                                             bu

I am hungry                         pae go pa yo

I am thirsty                         mong mal la yo

give me this                        I got ju se yo

I love you                           sa rang hae yo

I feel sick                            a pa yo

I need a doctor                ui sa ga pi ryo hae yo


Hi                                         Yaa

good morning                 ohayo gozaimazu

good evening                   konbanwa

thank you                         Arigato

good bye                           Sayonara

I am lost                             mayotte shimai mashita

can you help me              tesudatte kuremasuka?

how much                          kore wa ikura desuka

excuse me                         sumimasen

what is your name         name wa nandesu ka?

My name is                       watashi no namae wa

good luck                          ganbatte ne

I’m sorry                           gomenasai

can you say it again      mouichido itte kuremasuka

can you speak slowly   yukkuri shabette kuremasuka

write it down please     kaite kudasai

I don’t understand         wakarimasen

yes                                        hai

no                                          iie

I am hungry                     onaka ga suki masita

I am thirsty                      nodo ga kawasaki mashita

give me this                     kore wo kudasai

I love you                         daisuki desu

I feel sick                          choshi ga warui desu

I need a doctor              byouin ni ikitai


Hi                                        sawas dee

How are you?                Sa bai dee mai

Thank you                       kob kun

Good morning               aroon sa was

Good evening                sayan sa was

I am lost                          phom longtang

can you help me?        Phom noi daimai ka

go straight                     trongpai

turn left                           leawsai

turn right                        leawkaw

How much?                    Annee tao rai

do you speak English?     Kun pood pasaang kgrit dai mail

I will be right back             phom ja klab ma mai

good luck                       chock dee na

I am sorry                     kothod ka

please speak slowly           chuaypood chaachaa noi ka

please write that down     chuay kean haid oo noi ka

yes                                   chai

no                                   mai chai

Good bye                     la korn

I’m hungry                 phom hewkhao

I’m thirsty                   phom hewnum

what time is it?          Thorn neekee moang leaw ka

I need a doctor          phom yak pob maw

I love you phon        rakkun mak


Good morning             Magandang umaga

Good afternoon           Magandang hapon

Good evening               Magandang gabi

How are you?               Kamusta ka?

Thank you                    Maraming salamat

Yes                                  Oo/Opo

No                                   Hindi

I don’t like                    Ayaw ko

Yummy                       Masarap

What time is it?                  Anong oras na po?

What is your name?         Anong pangalan mo?

My name is _______       Ang pangalan ko ay _______

How much?                         Magkano po?

Too expensive                     Masyadong  Mahal

Please give me discount    Wala na bang tawad?

Straight ahead                        deretso

Right                                          Kanan

Left                                              Kaliwa

Front                                          Harap

I need help                               Kailangan ko ng tulong

I’m lost                                       Nawawala ako

I love you                                Mahal kita

Good bye                                paalam


Hi                                               Chao

good morning                        chao buoi sang

good evening                         chao buoi toi

thank you                               cam on

good bye                                 tam biet

I am lost                                  toi bi lac

can you help me                  ban giup toi duoc khong

how much                             cai nay gia bao nhieu

excuse me                            xin loi lam on nhe

what is your name             ban ten gi

good luck                              chuc may man

I’m sorry                               xin loi

can you say it again          ban co the nhac lai duoc khong

can you speak slowly        ban co the noi cham lai khong

write it down please           lam on viet no ra

I don’t understand            toi khong biet

yes                                           vang

no                                             khong

I am hungry                         toi doi

I am thirsty                         toi khat

give me this                         dua cho toi cai nay

I love you                            toi yeu ban

I feel sick                             toi cam thay met

I need a doctor                 toi can den bac si



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