Copenhagen has been on any gourmands dream food destination ever since it generated buzz about the new craze for Nordic cuisine. The capital of Denmark is also home to the best restaurant in the world according to the S.Pellegrino top 50 restaurants of the world award– Noma.

Noma ruled the gastroscape in 2010 and remains to be on top of the culinary world. Aside from the top restaurant, Copenhagen is also where some restaurants with Michelin stars are located. Add to this the best chefs residing in the city.

The young chefs in Copenhagen spearheaded the transition of the city from a pork and potato meal destination to a gustatory top destination. These young chefs define what new Nordic cuisine is by blending all their skills, creativeness, and ingenuity learned from the best chefs from around the globe.

These Copenhagen-based chefs have learned to maximize the flavors of the best of local ingredients from pork, seafood, game, berries and vegetables to their flavorful inspirations from their journeys and lessons in different corners of earth.


When Noma was declared the best restaurant in 2010, it got around 100,000 requests to reserve a table. The restaurant serves around 75 per day, five times a week. Getting in is really like winning a lottery.

If you are able to get in, you will have multiple gastro-orgasm dish after dish. Local ingredients bring out the best of intriguing delicacies like Icelandic skyr which is like strained yogurt, Finnish reindeer moss, vegetable desserts like beetroot granita, and loads of flavorful greenery. A Noma plate allots a big space for greens compared to other famous gourmet places. It is nothing but clean and fresh flavors for your plate and your palate.

Diners can choose from seven thru twelve courses. The menu also comes with some great wine matched and juice choices.

The service at Noma leaves up to the name and reputation. Chefs will bring out most of the dishes while you enjoy the courses of meals in a rustic, no fuss, formal but warm atmosphere. You may even get lucky if at the end of the meal, you and your company may be given a tour of Noma’s kitchen so you can see how everyone at Noma contribute to please and make your taste buds go ecstatic.

Flavors of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is not all about Noma. After all, locals do not dine like Noma way everyday. So where do you go to have a fixed of your Danish delights?


Smorrebrod might be hard to read and pronounce but it is the famous open sandwich of Denmark. A smorrebrod is basically made up of rye bread with some toppings like roast beef, pickled herring, fish fillet, smoked salmon, or some liver pate plus some garnishes. A smorrebrod looks so good on the plate that you might not want to eat it.

Smorrebrod is just served during lunch. Some of the best places to get a smorrebrod are Aamanns where you can get it for dine in or to go, and Schonnemann which has been in business since 1877.

You are at the end of this section and you might not have an idea how to read smorrebrod. Try saying “smuhr-bruth”. Try your best sounding like that and you might just end up close enough to how the Danes pronounce it.


in the cool meatpacking district of Copenhagen, you will find Kodbyens Fiskebar. It opened in 2009 and you might have not a choice but to try it since even the owner of the best restaurant in the world, Noma, shared that it is one of his favorites. This restaurant is truly a seafood haven where you can enjoy snow crabs from Greenland, Danish mussels and oysters, and the list goes on.


The best place to go to if you want your dose of best Danish pastries is Lagkagehuset. You will not have a hard time finding it since it is a big chain of bakery with branches near the tourist office, in Stroget, and just by the airport. Dream of carbs and butter and you will find it at Lagkagehuset. Try their rye bread but of course, you got a ton of options for the sweets lover in you. Just a little trivia: locals call Danish pastries as wienerbrod which translates to Vienna bread.

Quick Bites

The best street food you can find in Copenhagen is hot dog inside a bun or known locally as polser. The best grub will be from the Andersen Bakery near the main station of the train. They make use of sausage made from organic pork, some Bornholm mustard, and some chanterelle sauce. Order for the Grand Danois and you will be tasting the best hotdog in the whole of Denmark.

Look for viktualiehandler or food stalls, just like in in New York, spread across Copenhagen. Aside from the hot dog, you can get roast beef served with some fried onions. Other great buys include smoked fish, boneless sardine,smoked cheese, and yogurt.

Other top Copenhagen Restaurants

Restaurant AOC

The Restaurant AOC is ideally located in a cellar of an old mansion where you can enjoy great food that blends traditional Scandinavian way of cooking and modern touches borrowed from French cuisines. The high standard of food is complemented with an excellent wine list especially great wine from Spain.


If you want food creativity and flavors similar to Noma but do not have the budget for the top restaurant in Copenhagen, try the Relae. Do not expect the traditional food but expect some experimental food that may baffle you but at the same time make the foodie In you smile. Try their poached mackerel, onion course, and some milky ice cream for dessert.

The Paul

This is another restaurant at the Tivoli Gardens which has received Michelin Stars. It is housed in a classy glasshouse which serves as a great backdrop to experience the different flavors that will be served on your table. The flavors are fusions of flavors from England, French, Italy, and Asia.

The food here really depends on what season it is but expect dishes representative of different cultures. Try the elle teriyaki, mallard with truffles, chocolate with rosemary, and lemon curd. The service in this restaurant is also great and you will feel like real diners and not just tables with numbers.

Alberto K

Located atop a hotel, you can enjoy a great view of Copenhagen from Alberto K. Reserve seats for dinner and the view plus great Italian food never fails if you are bringing your partner or a date. The game and seafood are the best at Alberto K paired with a great wine from their extensive list.

Try Albero K.’s king crab in tomato and buttermilk, scallop with fennel and wild mushroom, pigeon with roasted marrow, and baked plums.


Geranium only serves biodynamic and organic food plus good wine. The description might sound faddish but it is basically good food produced with the best ingredients and clarity of flavor. The menu changes a lot but one excellent dish is the tomato consomme with wild flowers, sorrel, and ham terrine.



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