These days, it takes a lot to get a traveler truly intrigued and excited. Through the years, we’ve been exposed to so many new technologies, exotic sceneries, and luxurious treats that we can’t help feeling sometimes that we really have seen it all. When it comes to high class accommodations, we’re no longer surprised with infinity pools, sky walks, and the humongous television set placed right above the bathtub. If you really want something unique and exclusive, the type of accommodation that gives you’re the bragging rights, going solo is the key.

Here are five villas you can rent on your next holiday, provided you have enough cash in your piggy bank. Spending US 2,000 dollars may be unthinkable for some, but it sure is enough to guarantee you a spot in one of these villas.



PRICE: If you’re living a swell life, you won’t worry about the hole that these digs will be digging into your pocket. One night’s rent for the entire villa costs US 2,100 dollars, while one room costs US 233 dollars a night.

This villa is located on an estate that measures about 100 acres. The white painted villa sits on top of a hill and provides guests with an incredible view of the lush, green forest and the sparkling, blue ocean. One attraction that sports lovers will surely appreciate at the Golden Dolphin Villa is the baseball diamond open only to guests staying here. The compound has nine bedrooms in total; also, you won’t have to fight over who gets to use the bathroom first because this mansion has 11 bathrooms in all. In fact, the villa is spacious enough to accommodate one whole field of athletes and still have room to spare. The front lawn is big enough to act as a helipad, so if you’re sitting at home bored out of your wits, why not invite some friends for a short getaway to your very own villa in the Dominican Republic?



PRICE: If your entire budget amounts to only US 2,000 dollars, you can rent this villa and still have money to spare; one night’s rental for the entire villa will cost you US 1,950 dollars. If you want to rent just one room, one night will set you back US 650 dollars.

If you’re a mad Sinatra fan, there’s no better way of following in the man’s footsteps but to live in his old quarters in Palm Springs, California. The Sinatra House was built especially for Sinatra and Nancy, his very first wife. It occupies an area measuring about 4,500 square feet. There are three bedrooms and seven bathrooms inside the villa. It is decorated and equipped with mid century furnishings, plus (and music fans are given permission to squeal in delight) Sinatra’s very own sound system that was originally bought for the house. You can spend your time at the patio, listening to Ol Blue Eyes on your iPod; or perhaps take a dip in the swimming pool shaped like a grand piano.



PRICE: This villa can be yours for an entire week for the bargain price of US 11,050 dollars. If you’re planning to spend just one night, a single room costs US 315 dollars.

Musicians and artists who are suffering from artist’s block can cure themselves by going on a retreat at the Villa Lyrica, situated in Santorini, Greece. The villa has five bedrooms and a hi-tech recording studio furnished with state of the art gadgets and equipment. The exterior design is inspired by Cycladic culture, but the interior is very hip and modern. The design isn’t psychedelic and cluttered inside; instead, the room is spare and the décor is set in earth tones so as not to distract artists from their work. Famous music producers such as Kevin Shirley and also Peer Astrom have been known to stay here. If you’re looking for inspiration, all you have to do is to step out on the terraces and take in the beautiful sight of the clear, blue sea.



PRICE: Guests renting the entire villa have to be ready to cough up US 19,000 dollars every week. Those renting on a room basis will have to pay US 542 dollars for every night’s stay.

Connoisseurs can invite their friends and family to a nice getaway in Villa Andrea for some good times and even better wine. Villa Andrea is actually situated in a vineyard that grows some of the best cabernet sauvignon in the area. The entire compound measures about 30 acres and is quite a landmark in the California wine country. There are five bedrooms and seven bathrooms within the villa. There is also a large pool where you can enjoy the view of the Sonoma valley in between laps and sips from your wine glass. Venture into the 7,000 sq foot cave and show your friends the bottles and crates of wine being distilled and eventually aged. After the party, you can unwind in the screening room and watch a movie.



PRICE: This English villa will set you back a whopping US 25,570 dollars every week if you decide to rent it out. One room costs US 456 per night.

If you’ve been longing to live out your bedtime stories and want to pretend to be a lord or a lady in a manor, then pack your bags and head straight for L’Isle House in Oxfordshire, England. This villa is built in the English countryside and has eight bedrooms in all. The house dates all the way back to the 17th century and sits on an estate that measures 140 acres. Here, you’ll find perfectly manicured gardens and a swimming pool. Wimbledon fans can practice their swing at the tennis court; there are also three lakes you can visit if you want to go fishing. You don’t have to make that extended journey to Ireland just to play golf; the estate has a nine hole course, which functions as a full course if you play both directions.



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