Italy has always been known for a bit of glamor and mystery, creating in all of us a feeling of romance and affection, even if we have never set food on it’s lands ourselves. It’s not surprising that it’s remained the number one travel destination in the world, competing closely without other well loved European locations, such as France, and Germany.

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But there is one city in particular that always catches the world’s eye, rarely allowing it to blink before the next big, exciting trend: Milan. One of the most culturally relevant cities in Europe, Milan has managed to claw its way to the top of the totem pole in various venues, from the art world, to the thriving fashion industry, which would be nothing without the catwalks and designers of this Italian super-city.

But Milan is known for more then just then fashion shows, and visiting there will drop you into a world of entertainment, with streets filled with shops, cafes, restaurants, clubs, and a million other businesses that are meant to thrust you into the heart of a glamorous vacation.

Milan is also known for it’s sports streak, and a talent in football in particular. Like most of Italy, the obsession with their two teams, AC Milan and Inter, runs high, and every day during the season thousands of people pack into the San Siro stadium to cheer their chosen team on, a weekly event that turns Sundays into high-spirited, competitive afternoons and evenings.


But the real reason for visiting Milan (besides the incredible shopping, fashion trends, sports, and food), is to see the many sights that speak to the culture and history of the city, as well as it’s influences by International forces, which have come to touch every facet of Italian society. With art some beautiful architecture, quite a few museums featuring both classic and modern art, gorgeous graveyards and mausoleums that are too stunning to be morbid, and some great attractions like aquariums, Milan is a prime vacation hot spot, for it’s fun as well as it’s appeal.

With so many things to see and do, it’s hard to pick out my favorite feature of Milan. But if pressed, I would have to say the Giardini Pubblici. A public plaza/garden/playground/activity park, you can find anything from trails where women push baby carriages in the afternoon, to traditional carousels that young children are always seen crowding, and other unexpected activities like the bungee tower and bumper cars. I went there every day when I was in Milan, and it is still one of the places I miss the most.

Milan is a beautiful city of culture, fashion, mystique, and overall genuine popularity that it seems to draw the entire world’s gaze just by being there. It’s the reason it has become one of the most thriving tourist hot spots, as well as financially buzzing cities, on Earth, and it is certainly the apple of Italy’s sparkling eye. If you have ever thought of going there yourself, now is the time. Milan is an experience all by itself, and one you will never forget.



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