If you are going on a short holiday on Amsterdam, or you just do not have the patience to deal with the long queues to enter the Van Gogh Museum there are smaller museums which are worth visiting to give you another perspective on Amsterdam:


Holland has a good chunk of great local talents that produce great works from fashion, photography and architecture. The name of the museum literally translates to Handbag Museum. The pieces here all started as ideas and were carefully crafted that anyone will think that these bags are pieces of art themselves. The Tannsenmuseum is actually a reflection of the city and how it pays attention to details keeping life beautiful for everyone enjoying its comforts.

Houseboat Museum

The people of Amsterdam traces their roots around the water near which the city has sprung to life. You can see this colorful history at the Houseboat Museum. It is a floating houseboat similar to what the city dwellers live in. It looks very authentic that it is like going inside a home with the owners just gone to get something from the store. You will not be able to see famous works of arts here but it gives you a glimpse of how a lot of locals live their lives on the waters around Amsterdam.

Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder Museum

During the period of Reformation in Holland, Catholics were not allowed to practice their faith openly and were discriminated in society. So secret churches were established, people went underground to practice their beliefs. One of the secret churches was preserved and turned into this museum. The name literally translates to Our Lord in the Attic. The structure is a typical home in the area with the the top floor converted to a church, so practically you will be able to appreciate the architecture and the contents of the home.



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