Sweden is one of the prime destinations in the European Union. Due to their high level of economy and upscale living conditions, it is not cheap to visit the country. However, the pristine beauty of its alps, glacial landscapes punctuated by pine trees and beautiful meadow, are sights that people should not pass up.

This article will guide you on how to enjoy the country on a shoestring budget.

Crash on somebody else’s couch

Hotels aren’t cheap in Sweden and lodgings will definitely be the biggest drain on your travel budget. Why rent an expensive place when there’s somebody in Sweden who can let you crash in their place for a few nights. Although, first you need to make sure that you have somebody you know in the country first. If you have a friend from Stockholm, you are in luck as the locals there have enough space in their flats to take you in. They like to live on their own and therefore guests are not unwelcome.
You can also cultivate your talent for couchsurfing. Couchsurfing involves crashing into friends places in a series of nights. The term gained ground during 1999 when the Couchsurfing Project took place. Try checking out the website couchsurfing.org and check if you will be able to hook up with anyone fro m Sweden who will allow you to bunk on their beds during the duration of your stay.

Of course, there are always cheap accommodations anywhere at anytime. If you don’t like the company of strangers or being in another person’s home, Stockholm has lodgings in the Chapman. You can book up a bed for thirty dollars a night.

Value for Swedish Brews

The government itself is quite tough on its alcohol industry and levies taxes on the drinks. It will not be easy finding brews in the country where it is said that its residents have to cross borders to be able to quaff something cheap. Because of this, beer and other brews are going to put a big dent on your budget should you find yourself cold and thirsty in the country.

In order to find something cheap, you can just go to a Systembolaget store to buy yourself some beer instead of having one while dining out. However, make sure that you are aware of the schedule. The schedule for Systembolaget is from 10 in the morning to six in the evening. The store is open up to 3 in the afternoon during Saturdays.

Wines are pretty much in the same boat. Instead of buying  a glass in a restaurant, buy an entire bottle instead. Bottles cost around 70 Swedish Kronas or 9.83 US Dollars. Have one while enjoying a day out in the park in Stockholm. Try to share some of your graces with the people in the park to gain yourself some new friends and acquaintances.

An IKEA idea

The IKEA furniture store draws crowds upon crowds of Swedes who just love the merchandise and the designs of the company. According to most Swedes, everyone always comes out of IKEA with something in hand. No one leaves empty-handed. Perhaps it is a great idea to check out if the said theory is true.

Go on a weekday and avoid the paydays when the Swedes enlivened by wallets bursting with kronas want to spend, spend, spend. Asides from a less crowded store, there is a free bus ride ferrying prospective customers. While you’re at it check out the meatballs in their eatery.

Swedish Lunch Deals

The establishments in Sweden may be expensive but this doesn’t mean they’re heartless. They offer cheap lunch courses replete with staples as a piece of bread and drinks. Try to scope out the restaurant menus to see the best deals. These courses cost around 65 kronas at their cheapest and 95 at their most expensive. Try to check if you will go for quality or quantity for your rounds.

Södermalm Sojourn

The southern district of Sodermalm is worth a visit to check out the newest trends in Swedish fashion. Of course, this island also has much to offer the traveler than just commerce. Try checking out the architecture in their Old Town or waltz right on up the Katarina Elevator or Katarinahissen for a view of Stockholm or for a more sprawling vista, head out to Mosebacke Terrace. Heightened elevations means colder temperatures so bring your warming drinks over. Scope outSkinnarviksberget, an elevated rock where Stockholmers love to picnic or have drinking parties.

Brush Up on Your Art Education for Free

During 2009, the Swedish government started a generous project of getting its citizens into museums for free. Despite having repealed this particular policy, there are still various establishments out there whose curators saw the social benefits of having their exhibits open for free. Some of the museums in Sweden are free for particular hours of the day. In order to maximize your visit, make sure when the schedules say admissions are free. However, don’t be stingy as there are places worth dishing out your kronas for like the Gamla Stan.

Time Warp in Stockholm: Old Town

Gamla Stan is a preserved section of Stockholm which features architecture reminiscent of the 16th century. The city is so well preserved that a trained eye will be able to tell when a particular building was built due to the design aesthetic it espouses. Expect some chamber rooms and old school doors in your visit. A little history is also a great way to learn when particular things happened in the district as several markers like cannon balls are still lodged in their places – witnesses to battles which saw Swedes fighting invaders in their own city. For a little breather if all the history and the art is not helping you breathe, try scoping out the streets and the avenues of Gamla Stan for yourself.

Islands in the Stream

Stockholm is part of an archipelago. Near the city are islands which Stockholmers have been using as their getaways for generations. Try checking out these little isles peppered with their own cottages for as low as 75 kronas – roughly the same amount you’d pay for a budget meal. Check your schedule and ride a boat in the morning while bringing a picnic basket. In case you want to see the stars without the impinging heights of Stockholm’s buildings, bring a tent.



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