Hotels are a dime a dozen – why put yourself through the encounter of having just another suitcase in another hall? If you fancy avoiding strangers and relish privacy while traveling, you don’t need to book at the nearest hotel for this. Quite the opposite. Why get a hotel room, when you can rent a home?

Here are some happening addresses to scope out in the North American continent when you want a house instead of dodging strangers in common rooms.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Casa Fryzer

People who want to live a celebrity’s home life while vacationing at Cabo San Lucas, only need to look to the opulent Casa Fryzer to provide their fix. This particular address gives guests every amenity a star would wish for like a gym, wine cellar and an entertainment room with an enormous flat screen with recliners and surround sound. At first approach, one cannot help but be taken in by the influence of the hacienda designs during Mexico’s colonial age. Expect archways and stonework interacting within the kept grounds. When guests go inside, they are bathed with Old Hollywood glam of the interiors and decors that combine Asian with art deco. The dining room boasts of a wood table fit for ten guests. It’s vaulted ceiling promotes an air of expansiveness while eating the in-house chef’s creations. There is also an indoor bar for people to wet their whistles. The rooms are likewise aesthetically themed. In the courtyard, lodgers can enjoy the beautiful Palmilla Hill’s rocky land formations. No luxury address would be complete without its pool and a negative-edged one at that. The pool seems to end where the blues of the waters of Palmilla bay come in.

Pebble Beach, California: 17 Mile Drive at the Lodge

Envisioned to appear as a French noble’s country house on the rise looking over the Pacific, the Lodge is nearby the posh Pebble Beach Golf Course. Guests not only have views of the blue waves lolling along the shore but also the intense putting action of the 18th hole. The stately lodge’s walls proudly display paintings. Golfers and their kin are the primary customers of the Lodge and stays here come with two free rounds of golf at the club. However this is not the only thing the establishment is good for. It also plays a fine host for exclusive elegant roasts on their patios and bocce ball tournaments in their courts. There is a water fountain imbibing some freshness in the estate and a playground where children can stay.

Kailua, Hawaii: Kona Shangrila

This three-floor property fronting the waters of Lyman’s Bay provide a tropical getaway where guests can just let their worries melt in the Hawaiian sun. The Kona Shangrila is only a stone’s throw away from Kona-Kailua in case travel companions need a little civilization to resupply. The house’s floors are suites in their own rights and contain their own kitchens. People who want to go out and have a common recreational bonding time need only to go to the beach. The suites set up allows greater flexibility just in case someone wants to have alone time. Aside from the easy access to the waters, there is also a private pool heated by solar power and a tub. Aside from the beach nearby, guests can likewise proceed easily to Magic Sands beach and Kahaluu Beach park.

Phoenix, Arizona: Camelback Vista

Sitting snugly on the shoulders of the Camelback Mountain, Camelback Vista is enthroned by gigantic ruby sandstone cliffs and holds a commanding Valley of the Sun view. A waterfall provides a backdrop and a soothing gushing noise for their kitchen and patio. Aside from these amenities, there is also a triangle shaped infinity pool that seems to gush forth into the horizon. When the water runs cold, a jacuzzi is nearby to warm your body. Beside the pools are waterfalls which provides waters onto the pools at the bottom. When the weather is nice, spread out the picnic and eat dishes on the green or at the table.

Aguajito Rd, Carmel, California

With a commanding vista of the Monterey Peninsula, Aguajito road is an inviting place for travelers to drop their rucksacks and implements and enjoy the view. People looking for a place to stay here, find an elegant European inspired estate sitting on ten acres of land on an overlook standing near the bay. All the rooms here have their own fireplaces so the ocean draft should not trouble lodgers as well as terraces for people who want to spend some quiet time while looking at the sea. Their kitchen is also a thing of opulence and function, having been designed by a celebrity chef from the area. They have an indoor dining area as well as an outdoor one which can support as much as 100 guests for a function. The game room awaits for anyone who wants to play some pool.

Telluride, Colorado: Highlands Manor

Another premiere mountain home right where the action is in Colorado’s ski country, Highlands Manor presents itself as a royal escape for skiing enthusiasts. The manor itself sits on a mountains heights thus guests can enjoy a sprawling view of the San Sophia Range. Skiiers who want the in and out convenience of their residence to the slopes will be happy to know that Highlands Manor is on a lot right beside the ski run of the Galloping Goose. After a day of skiing, vacationers can just chill in one of two living rooms equipped with a pool table. There is also a bar and an entertainment room as well as a cellar that stocks Grade A wines. People who want to warm up a little can enjoy the sauna and the steam room.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: The Bellagio

The three floor affair called the Bellagio in South Carolina’s Myrtle beach is perfect for families to vacation in. It has seven rooms all with their own bathrooms. Although the insides of the house do not have the lofty interiors the more luxurious types of rental homes out there, guests have fallen in love with its lived-in appeal. People remark about the spacious backyard. Customers, who want to have a barbecue however will need to buy themselves a grill. However, this little missing piece does not deduct from the house’s overall amenities which happens to include a private path to the beach. There is also a gourmet kitchen and a pool if customers don’t want to dip in the larger body of water at the back.

Punta de Mita, Mexico: Casa ElDestino

For people who want to experience the beauty of Mexican seascapes in Punta Mita, the luxury villa dubbed Casa El Destino or the destination in Spanish is the address of choice. The villa has views of the blue ocean as it gives in to the bay. Across the distance, guests can see the Marieta Islands as well as the horizon of Puerto Vallarta. If you think the sights are already the main fare, prepare for the interiors which is tasteful fusion of colonial Mexican and contemporary design. All in all there are seven bedrooms with their own bathrooms and a kitchen fit for a gourmet cook. People can enjoy the outdoor common rooms like the Palapa and the infinity pool. Aside from these there is a classy dining room for guests to share sumptuous meals. Guests who want to firm up their bodies a little can do so in the gym..

Steamboat Springs, Colorado: Over the Edge

For people who want to ski and some lounging at the lap of luxury near the ski lifts, Over the Edge is their place of residence for their vacation. Over the Edge contains seven bedrooms with their own comfort rooms. There is a den which has a pool and poker table and a shuffleboard. The fireplace will keep things cozy while guests watch on large-screen digital TVs while using the sound system. It only takes a step outside for a commune with the mountain on their seating area. Over the Edge’s kitchen is a gourmet chef’s wet dream as it contains Wolf and Sub-Zero cooking equipment. Guests can sit on the 12 seater farmer’s table. Lodgers lucky enough to get the Masters Suite can enjoy the jacuzzi and the room’s breakfast bar. Down in the main area there is a games room with a 52” LCD and comes with a choice of XBOX or Wii. Side by side the room is a theater with a 140 incher for a private moviegoing experience. Come day time, guests can proceed their skiing and go in and out of the slopes at ease.



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