Since Henry Ford rolled out the Model Ts, the car has been a passion of the American public. Generations later, every model that comes out of the research and development of major car companies generates interest and given enough time, the model rolls off into legend .

Cars are not just cars. They are also at some point a social yardstick. People often associate another’s personality and status through the conditions of her ride.

How did this affair with cars begin? And what kind of history does your own ride pack? If you’re interested with these questions, it would be a great idea to visit these museums.

The National Automobile Museum (Reno, Nevada)

If you want to visit cars in simulated roadways, then you can go and check out the National Automobil Museum in Reno. There are over 200 cars in the exhibit halls which have been remodeled according to a particular theme in order to suit the background of the vehicles. People will encounter antique, classic, special interest and vintage cars in the museum. The National Automobile Museum boasts of some special vehicles like the oldest American cars ever made, a Philion steam carriage built in 1892, and cars that once graced the garages of James Dean, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and other stars. Among this collection, one also find the Thomas Flyer from 1907 which bested others to win the New York-Paris world race held during 1908.

Car afficionados need only to go to downtown Reno. The museum is open daily. Check the schedules if there is anything of interest. One of the promoted activities happen to be camping equipment made from the inspiration of the National Park-to-Park Highway which existed during the early days of the 20th century.

The Henry Ford Museum (Dearborn, Michigan)

Visit the 10-acre Henry Ford Museum and you will see the history of these automobiles and how they affected American culture. This museum currently boasts of 140 cars on display. Their special pieces include Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile, Mustgan 001 and the Quadricycle belonging to Henry Ford. There are also milestone cars like the 15,000,000th ModelT and the bus where Rosa Parks asserted her identity and her freedom to sit wherever she pleases and the limo where JFK was shot.

Aside from cars, the museum also has billboards, gas stations, neon signs and other car related memorabilia. There are also simulations of the farm where Henry Ford grew up and the first factory that assembled the Model T.

Aside from these, there are also other interesting interactive exhibits. One of these activities involves building a ModelT. Guests can just join in the crew and help assemble a ModelT. This particular piece is once again disassembled early the next day in order for other guests to try their hand at it.

Owls Head Transportation Museum (Owls Head, Maine)

Owls Head Transportation Museum is the place that details the history of wheeled vehicles in Maine. They have exhibits of the classic kinds of bicycles, aircraft and motorcycles. Of course, cars are part of their exhibit. They have 50 cars which date back from 1885 until the 1950s. This historical collection of automobiles contains models like Cadillac Runabout made in 1907 and the Rolls Royce limo that was manufactured in 1914. Aside from this, car afficionados will find a 1923 popcorn wagon and a wooden Station Wagon which rolled off a Ford plant in 1940.

The museum also holds holiday themed displays like their winter transport fest which showcases old models of snow vehicles. People should watch out when they hold their aerial acrobatic show, motorcycle meets, and old school transportation races. Sometimes the concept or the unique cars are led out for a spin for demonstrations. Check the schedule and see when the next Model-T demos are going to happen so you can ride one and feel how your great-grandparents felt like when they rode them.

People who want to reach the Owls Head Transportation Museum need only to go to Penobscot Bay in the Midcoast of Maine. Time your visit during the middle of September when the museum exhibits construction vehicles and shows off some antique models of the airplane.

Mullin Automotive Museum (Oxnard, California)

The Mullin Automotive Museum started showing their exhibit to the public in the April of 2010. Among the rows of the exhibits of furniture designed in the vogue of art deco and several art works, there are 50 French cars during the two classical decades of the 1920s and the 1930s. Exhibitors show off Bugattis, Delahayes, Hispano Suizas, Delages, Voizins and Talbot-Lagos. One of the pearls of the museum is a Brescia Modifee Bugatti Type 22 manufactured in 1925. The model has been kept in its original condition the way it was found at the bottom of Lake Maggiore. This car has been resting there for 73 years until it was resurfaced.

People who want to queue up for the exhibits of the Mullin Automotive Museum need only to proceed to Oxnard. However take note that the best time to visit would be every Saturday and that tickets are sold in advance. If you would like to take a field trip on a regular day, kindly make appointments with the curators as they are willing to show you in even if they’re closed on a particular day.

National Corvette Museum (Bowling Green, Kentucky)

This museum properly opened its doors to the public in 1994. In the establishment Corvette lovers can find memorabilia connected with the brand as well as the Corvette Cafe.

Be amazed with the different models of Corvette on exhibit, from the very first models out on the market to the ones that just rolled off from the ramps and into the stores. There are at least 80 models of the Corvette parked in the National Corvette Museum. One of their prized exhibits is single unit of 1983 Corvette, the half a millionth, one millionth, and one and a half millionth Corvette that rolled off production, and the Corvettes that the engineers toyed with in the development stages but never actually had them produced.

Just  a stones throw away from the museum, people will find the plant which is responsible for building up Corvettes. General Motors has been operating this plant specifically to assemble Corvettes since 1981.

This establishment is open during regular hours of the week and hosts many features. A lot of the exhibits are interactive. Aside from these, there is also a stock room where brand new Corvettes are being kept waiting for delivery.

The Antique Automobile Club of America Museum (Hershey, Pennsylvania)

The Antique Automobile Club of America Museum showcases car souvenirs , car collectibles and memorabilia alongside their other special collections. Aside from these, the museum also exhibits cars    throughout 80 years and stages them on themed displays like a 1950s hotel, a gas station, and a drive-in. This particular collection alone boasts of more than 100 cars. You can also visit their galleries for motorcycles and the twelve buses parked in the Museum of Bus Transportation.

This establishment is services visitors all year. Aside from cars, children can also delight in the model train collection and several Model Ts designated with letters called the Alphabet Ford Collection.

Muscle Car City Museum (Punta Gorda, Florida)

The Muscle Car City Museum now occupies a structure that once belonged to a Walmart Store. Now that it commemorates cars, all 99,000 square feet of the building houses 200 hot rods and vintage cars manufactured from the 50s to the 70s. Cars aren’t the only stars in the museum as curators also display classic gas pumps, traffic signals from past decades as well as road signs.  However, anyone who loves muscle cars will revel in their collection of Chevelles, El Caminos, Camaros, GTOs, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Chevy Corvettes and Cutlass 442s alone with others.

Visitors need only to get between Naples and Tampa, southwest of the Florida Gulf. Go on Tuesday through Sundays. If you want to have a special time during your visit, go on the third Saturday of each month for their car show.

Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum (Fairbanks, Alaska)

This museum in the chilly north, contains 70 special and collectible cars. Exhibits include some of the only cars that rolled off from smaller brand names and the first vehicle manufactured and assembled in Alaska. Visit their Alaska Gallery and check the various road conditions that challenge the Alaskan native everyday. These natural challenges include sub-zero temperatures, glacial rivers, hail, heavy snow and avalanches.

Check out the museum and scope out its memorabilia including photo galleries of automobiles, historical snapshots of cars, and clothing used  by drivers to match particular vintage models. For the fun of it, get a photograph of yourself dressed in one of those clothing sets and pose beside an antique car of your choice.

Petersen Automotive Museum (Los Angeles)

Sitting along the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles, the Petersen Automotive Museum curates cars and shows their place in American life and culture through galleries and dioramas and through their 150 vintage and classic models of trucks, cars and motorcycles. Their exhibits are likewise specially themed with one floor showing the history of cars while using LA as a background. Go up another floor and you will find race cars, cars in development, classical ones and cars that had been driven around by stars and used in films.

This particular museum is open to the public during Tuesdays until Sundays. Check their schedule for interesting activities. One of their exhibits will feature fashion and cars and another one features cars manufactured from fiberglass.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame and Museum (Indianapolis)

For the Indy500 afficionados, visiting the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame and Museum can

be completed on their trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This museum shows off all the trophies, classic motorcycles, scoring gear, timing equipment, and cars made locally in Indiana. There’s also a recreated old garage, an exhibit mounted by NASCAR and 30 champion racing cars of the Indy 500. Among these race cars, visitors can find the Marmon also known as the Wasp which became the first champion when the races were mounted in 1911 in Indiana. Guests are likewise invited to sit behind the steering wheel of a racing car for a photo opportunity.

This museum is open to the public every day of the week.

Crawford Auto Aviation Museum (Cleveland, Ohio)

Members belonging to the Western Reserve Historical Society maintain the Crawford Auto Aviation Museum. Their exhibit boasts of 140 automobiles and 10 aeroplanes. Besides these two types of vehicles, there are also carriages, motorcycles, memorabilia and bikes.

The car collection includes ModelTs and Jaguars. Staff have reserved a special gallery for cars manufactured in the Cleveland area and the Northeastern towns of Ohio. Curators spotlight the 1932 Touring Sedan which was the last car produced by a Cleveland car manufacturing

company. This sedan had doors which went all the way to the roof for the convenience of passengers who wear hats.

Society members open the doors of the museum from Tuesday onwards till Saturday. Another important showcase to visit is the boat Tinkerbelle, a handcrafted boat which Robert Manry used to sail from Main to England during 1965.

Lane Motor Museum (Nashville, Tennessee)

The structure which had been the quarters of Sunbeam Bakery, now houses Lane Motor Museum. This establishment contains a collection at least 300 vehicles from Europe and is the biggest collection of imported cars coming from that continent in the United States. Asides from the motorbikes and the cars that graced the streets of the 1920s to the 2000s are amphibious and propeller cars, foldable cars and the smallest car that one could legally drive – the Peel P50.  Another star in the collection is the Citroen Cogolin which had been made in 1952. The Cogolin has two fronts each with their two engines. This car has been manufactured to help a team of French firemen to get around narrow mountain roads.

This museum is open every day and all the vehicles are on display. Despite being on the exhibit, these cars are still constantly maintained and are still in good condition to run.



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