Abu Dhabi has an oil reserve that is expected to last thru this century so we can expect this attractive metropolis to make some more leaps to improve its attractions to lure travellers. It is not as city-like as Dubai but this green city has a lot to offer. First, they do not have traffic jams. Second, they have offer the best destinations to satisfy your craving for good food.

We line up some of the best food destinations in Abu Dhabi where you can get the best brunches:


Talay gives you the best choices you can ask for a brunch. Get a bowl of soup and some Thai salad as your starter. Next enjoy the hot dim sum choices. Your next stop can be seafood, chicken, or beef main dishes. If you are a vegetarian, you only have limited options at this place and the best one can big servings of the pineapple fried rice.

Talay entertains its patrons with a 3-piece band and completes the atmosphere of giving in to your cravings for chicken satay and all what your tummy can take before flying back home. You can find Talay at the La Meridien. A great brunch will set you back Dhs 195 but it is all worth it.

Shuja Yacht

We can not think of a better way than to have brunch while enjoying the best sites of Abu Dhabi while aboard the Shuja Yacht. Your luxury ride for your brunch sets off from the dock by the Marina Mall. The trip gives you two hours. Enough time to take all the pictures of the capital, enjoy the sun, and all the food that you want. The feast is prepared by the Le Royal Meridien and you can indulge on the best crabs, lobsters, oysters, and other fish delicacies. There are also international cuisines and traditional Arabic dishes.

It is a unique experience but you will not be riding the yacht like a rap star on a splurge. There will be families enjoying the food too and you can expect kids running around. If you want a quieter set up, book a spot on the deck in advance.

The Shuja Yacht experience is of best value since the best brunches on land come for a same tag price. This is perfect if you are on a romantic get away or if you want to impress business prospects.

Al Fanar

Al Fanar at the Le Royal Meridien is the only place in Abu Dhabi where you can have a brunch while enjoying the ambiance of a rotating dining area. So aside from the sumptuous meals, the spectacular views of the emirate. This is a must go in Abu Dhabi if you want the best view of the city. The dining room rotates very gently with a full rotation taking about one hour. Bring your digital cam to immortalize the wonderful backdrop for your travel memoirs.

They have a great line up of dishes but for those who are not allergic, the best grub will be their seafood line up. Make sure you try their oysters, crabs, lobster, and clams. They also serve some good quality sushi. The cheese ravioli are also yummy while the grilled prawns is another hit offering. If you have a sweet tooth, you will love the crème brulee, tiramisu, and their choices of fresh fruits.

A good meal with unlimited drinks will set you back around Dhs 220. By the way, take note that since this is a revolving restaurant, the dishes might be on a different spot when you return for another serving.

The Garden

If you are looking for some party vibe for your brunch, go to The Garden at the Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi. There’s always live entertainment to render all the classic hits. The best reason for coming to The Garden though is the mixed Cuban drinks coming in different flavors, the food comes next.

It is truly a feast reasonably price at Dhs 185. You can enjoy king prawns, lobsters, Chinese dishes, Indian delicacies, sashimi, salads, and more. All aspects of the dining experience you are after will be covered including dessert which ranges from chocolate fountains, tarts, puddings, cakes, and jellies.

The mojitos, the great food, and excellent service makes the staff here deserving of a big tip. Go to The Garden for the loudest brunch you can have in Abu Dhabi.


This place is known in Miami and Istanbul but the restaurateur has decided to share his best creations in Abu Dhabi and aptly located Hakkasan in the chic Emirates Palace. The interiors are world class and follows the design lines of a banquet room of the Chinese. The dark wood reminds you of the dynasties while the lighting of the place blends well to give it a modern day minimalist touch.

In terms of service, this places gets the highest mark. The food is definitely top notch. The food is the best reason why you will come back to this place every time you are in Abu Dhabi. The dishes are more of an art with all the care in every fold of steamed food very noticeable. It does not take a lot of time though before you pick up the morsels and await for the waiters for the next serving.

Some must tries include the wagyu bun which is basically stew-like beef chunks in a white soft dough. You should also order the shrimp dim sum, crispy noodles, and sichuan tofu. Every dish reminds you of the rich cullinary traditions of the East but each is dish is also prepared with a twist to give you that contemporary flavor. Hakkasan spells simplicity of their food, the reason why they are the best.

A good round of food with some Chinese tea will cost you around Dhs 200. Hakkasan is ideal if you are celebrating a special occasion or want to enjoy great dishes with your business partners.



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