Barcelona is among the top destinations in Spain because of its rich history, cultural attractions, and great food. You Barcelona holiday will not be complete without trying the best local dishes. This region of Spain is known for having excellent offerings of tradition and cutting edge delights.

Barcelona food, if you are not familiar with it, consists of three essential ingredients: olive oil, tomato, and garlic.  The local dishes are infused with more creativity compared to other regions in Spain.  Being close to the Mediterranean, Barcelona offers a wide array of seafood dishes. There are also influences coming in from Valencia and France.

Knowing the best foods to try is not enough. You need to know where to go since you can fall into tourist traps and end up having not the best during your Barcelona travel.  Here are some of the best restaurants in Barcelona:

Cal Pep

Cal Pep is among the most popular tapas restaurant s in this corner of Spain. Its good reputation stems from their excellent service, a good crowd, and very fresh ingredients. If you think Barcelona is your top destination goal in Spain, you must go to this place to learn and taste what tapas are.  Next to Cal Pep is another Cal Pep which serves the best seafood dishes in town. Make sure you call them first and book early since both restaurants get crowded on a regular basis.

Vinya Roel

Vinya Roel is another restaurant in Barcelona which serves traditional Catalan dishes with a good list of excellent wines. Do not miss their tasty cannellonis, fideus similar to a risotto, and cuttlefish inked black rice. Of course, ask for the best wine to match what you order from their great menu.


This is a contemporary restaurant at the ground floor of the classy Omm Hotel. The prices are very reasonable considering that world renowned chefs are behind every wonderful dish.  They will recommend the best glass of wine that will come best with their personal interpretations of the best Spanish and Mediterranean dishes.


The minimalist theme of the interiors of this restaurant makes food lovers appreciate the rich colors of the foods they serve. The chef gives the traditional Catalan cuisine with unique twists to make them even more appealing to your taste buds.  Be sure to try the Dentro de Mar, sea bass in coconut milk, and one of their mouth-watering desserts.

Cal l’Isidre

This is the favourite restaurant of Spain’s King Juan Carlos whenever he visits Barcelona. It might not be wise for us to say pick this one dish because the food is really heavenly. The favourites are the grilled baby octopus, fried codfish, grilled sea cucumber, grilled turbot, baked sea bass, and the list goes on. Yes, the place is pretty pricey but if you can afford it, you really have to go back to try the other items on the menu.

Comerc 24

This is another luxury tapas restaurant influenced by Ferran Adria. You might not like the interior decorations of grey walls and drum fixtures but we can guarantee that the food is not bland. The tuna pizza, sardines with avocado and grapes, murgeles in cream, salmon, and artichoke dish are the best to have in this chic eatery. If you want to have a sampler of their best offerings, go for the Festival menu. Cap the dining experience with their cappuccino dessert. The servings are pretty small like the other modern restaurants but you have a wide array of dishes to choose from.


Ask your hotel concierge how you can go to the Escriba restaurant by the sea front. Enjoy their paella, perfect tapas, and sumptuous rice dishes while enjoying the great blue waters. Book a table outside, of course.

Els Pescadors

If you are craving for fish dishes, the best place to go to is Els Pescadors at Placa Prim. It is quite far from the center of Barcelona but it is worth the trip. Quaintly located amid trees, the restaurant serves the best gambaz, arroz, Hake, calamares, and angler fish.



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