You are excited for you Peru holiday and you have browsed thru several Peru guidebooks, surfed the net for different Peru travel guides, and listed the different best Peru destinations and best things to do in Peru like trekking the Andes, trying a Pisco, or getting up close with an alpaca. Now here are things that you need to avoid when you visit Peru:

Do not limit yourself to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu should be among your top destinations in Peru but do not limit yourself to this remarkable wonder of the world. Tourists will be flocking here but make most of your time in Peru and pick two or three more destinations for your Peru holiday.

Do not skip Lima

Well you really cannot avoid Lima since you have to go thru its international airport but a lot of travelers jump onto a bus or plane after touching down in Lima and head off to another destination. Try to spend a day or two in the capital which is the most developed part, center of business, and center of politics of the country.

Lima is also where you will see most of the economic developments as Peru is considered as among the fastest economy in the globe following China.

Do not miss trying the traditional Peruvian dishes

Peru takes pride in their traditional food and when you visit Peru, do not be afraid to try new flavors like their ceviche (raw fish in lime), fried cuy (guinea pig), potato platters, and anticuchos or borchettes made from beef heart.

You can try these traditional dishes even outside the classy restaurants. Ask the locals so they can point you to the best joints serving home cooked goodies, and eat like a local.

Do not pass on the chance to go to the Amazon

You might have seen green mountains of the Machu Picchu in postcards of Peru but remember that this country has a big desert (Lima is the second biggest desert city in the globe) but about 60% of it is covered by jungle.

The Amazon River has around twenty percent of he world’s fresh water and is among the largest river in the planet. The jungle around it has a good chunk of the species representing 15% f known animal life and 85% of South America’s. Who knows if you will be able to chance by jaguars, sloths, monkeys, macaws, anacondas, and more.

Do not mishandle facts about Peru

The Incas had an important role in the history of Peru but the empire only lasted for about a century. The Peruvian culture was very diverse even before or even during the rule of the Incas.

Throughout Peru, you can find remains and ruins of different societies from the ancient past of the country which predates the civilization of the Incas. You have Chan Chan for example, the biggest adobe city on earth, which was established by the Chimus back in 900 thru 1470 AD.

Another place to visit is Pachacamac which was built by the Waris between 600 to 1000 AD and conquered by the Incas during the 1400s. Also take note that the populations in the highlands are still highly influenced by the culture of the Incas and they still speak Quechua.



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