Rome, the capital of Italy,is an ancient city with historical origin. The city is well known for its historical aspects which is the major reason why visitor’s and tourist troop in yearly to have first hand knowledge and tour of the city. For visitors who visit this ancient city, lots of beautiful edifices tracing back to centuries can be seen in the heart of Rome.


The city comprises of both ancient as well as modern architectural edifices, and sporting complexes dating back to the roman ages.

For a first time visitor, the perfect place to visit is the Colosseum, this place is perhaps one of the most beautiful and most popular site attraction visited by millions of tourist.  A visit to this place is the more appealing as thousands of tourists can be seen taking photographs of the beauty of this place.


Another beautiful place to be is the palatine, this area which uses to be the residential district of the wealthiest individual in Rome, is known for it numerous beautiful and ancient mansions. It harbors most of the city’s architectural landmarks with historical background dating back to centuries.

To have a perfect view of the city, a perfect place to do this is to visit the pizza venezia, a beautiful site attraction, and a place to have an adequate and clear view of all of the city’s beautiful landscape.


The city harbors several museums for visitors, these museums are scattered all over the city, and ranges on any area of interest, and be it arts, historical or scientific knowledge. A museum such as the Vatican museum which is the most popular and largest museum in the city is an ideal place to be.  The museum houses very important master piece work of arts dating back to ancient Roman Empire. For visitors who are interested to have some historical knowledge, the museum is tucked with regards to Egyptian age to late renaissance, and other areas of interest.

Rome harbors lots of gymnasiums and games square used during the times of the roman empire, these gymnasiums is like the modern day stadium, these places used to filled with spectators when ever there is any festival  or sporting activities being preformed. When touring the city, these places can still be seen and are always a site for visitors to marvel at, due to their ancient design. And to this time, special activities are still being performed at these venues. A trip to these complexes will definitely bring back the nostalgia of the biblical times.

For visitors who want quiet and serene places to have a drink or coffees, there are several cafes in the city centre to have a nice time out, there are also late night clubs in the city to have fun, surely one will definitely have a fulfilled night time.


An ever interesting place to be is the river Tiber, this river which remains on of the main reasons for the rise of the ancient Roman Empire cannot be ignored by visitors who have read much about the story of Rome.

Rome is a beautiful city any day and its historical background will always give visitors the opportunity to not just enjoy a tour of the city, but to have a chance to learn more about this city’s history and some of the world’s most ancient and architectural landmarks.



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