Usually people book hotel rooms for the comfort and luxury it offers. Today, not only do designers and hotel owners pay attention to the room. They have added something else which entices visitors even more: showers. If you think about this, it is but natural that a room has a wonderful shower waiting for its tired visitors.

However, don’t think it’s just an ordinary shower—something similar to what you have at home. These are extraordinary bathrooms with high-tech features, glass mosaics and even a chandelier. Think the latter is only a posh way to light your path inside? Think again, as a switch turns this chandelier into an incredibly sexy shower.
Gone are the days when hotel rooms offered bathrooms that simply offer a place for you to freshen up from a day’s worth of tours. Today, they have all kinds of perks which include multiple showerheads to a grand view of the city.

If you’re used to sprawling hotel rooms with nice, little bathrooms which offer the essentials, it is time to visit different hotels around the world, which offer the sexiest showers for you to enjoy, and even share with a partner. When checking into your room, don’t just take a quick glance at the bed and the surroundings; go straight to the bathroom and check out their top-of-the-line offers.

Mondrian South Beach in Miami

The clear blue skies of Miami is depicted on the wall of the bathroom through mosaic glass tiles, and to complete an outdoor experience, the rain showerhead mounted on the ceiling trickles water, which is actually incorporated into a lighted crystal chandelier. And since one should never be satisfied by constructed elements alone, Marcel Wanders made sure that there is a grand view of the bay, ocean, and the city itself. Agua by Korres is the chosen brand for the bath products.

Viceroy in Anguilla

Want to feel like a celebrity? Head to Anguilla and immerse yourself in this resort that has 166 rooms—the best thing being their showers, which are outdoors. Not to worry though, as these outdoor wooden showers are connected to the main bathroom (in marble) through sliding doors. Still feeling cramped? Simply open the shutters to get a breathtaking view of the seascapes. Neil George of Beverly Hills provides the shampoos and conditioners.

Alila Cha-am in Thailand

If you are interested in an Asian getaway, this beautiful place is the best for you. Known for their spas, Alila Cha-am’s very own spa products are all organic; made from Sensatia Botanicals—a local brand that uses raw materials. Pretend that you are in the wilds of Asia by taking a cool shower under the rain, right in your own bathroom: complete with a sound system, the 24-by-19-inch showerhead will give you the feeling of actually taking a shower in the rain. You can also control the shower’s strength by choosing between a soaking shower or one that swathes you into a curtain of water.

A lot of countries at the moment though have issued travel warnings to their citizens because of the political unrest in Thailand.

Park Hyatt Macka Palas in Istanbul

If you want a more complete spa experience, head over to Istanbul where they know their craft. Copying Turkish baths, they have steam rooms, heated floors and stone seats where you can sit and enjoy a spa treatment. To further relax visitors, Macka Palas has availed of an exclusive scent by Blaise Mautin, which smells of rose, with a hint of sandalwood and jasmine. Let your eyes feast on the gorgeous neoclassical design of the building, complete with Art Deco-designed rooms.

Singita Sweni in Kruger National Park, South Africa

This is another example of a beautiful outdoor shower that connects to the inner bathroom through a sliding glass door. This time, the shower’s view is the African wild, where you can watch birds, elephants and crocodiles as you take your refreshing shower. Cleanse yourself completely with Dermalogica’s body wash, shine therapy shampoo, silk finish conditioner and hydrating cream. The lodge is actually on stilts, and overlooks the Singita Sweni River. Viewing decks included in the rooms also provide you a great place to relax and a nice opportunity to enjoy the African wildlife.

Amangiri in Utah

What better place is there to take a relaxing shower than in the desert? Making the natural view as an integral part of the design, the hotel succeeds in blending the relaxing natural environment into the cozy and posh interiors. The bathroom in green limestone includes a sunken tub, a couple of rain showerheads, and a stunning view of the desert from the floor-to-ceiling picture window, which frames it like a gorgeous painting. Forget about dry skin when you use their soap made from organic goat’s milk.

Andaz in San Diego

Who says bathrooms have to actually be separated from the bedroom? If you’ve ever wondered—or dreamed—of a bathroom fully integrated into the bedroom, Andaz Hotel has done it for you. Over 1, 000 feet, the Suite has a huge shower whose glass partition can turn opaque or clear at the touch of a button. Korres provides the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, which are all environmentally-friendly products.

Four Seasons in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Another Asian getaway is this hotel in Thailand gives you the chance to be close to nature as you use the outdoor rain showers. Surrounded by spider lilies, banana trees, Spanish moss, you will feel as if you are right in the jungles, while being assured of complete privacy. The pavilions house over sixty rooms which look out to the Mae Rim Valley’s hills. Using all-organic bath products from Provence will complete the natural feel.

Cocoa Island in Maldives

No fancy showers here. A rustic deck where you can shower is what they offer. Nothing comes more basic—or charming—than that. The highlight? Steps leading straight to the lagoon. Now you can choose whether to swim first before you shower, or shower and lose yourself in the enticing beauty of the lagoon. COMO Shambhala provide the bath products in the island. Everything is natural here, and visitors are treated to clean living through yoga and meditation, organic food, and Asian-style spa.



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