One highlight of your Las Vegas travel might be a helicopter ride, but Sky Combat Aces is making that option something of the ancient era. If you are looking to fulfill your fantasy to be like Maverick in Tom Cruise’s hit film the Top Gun, the company can do that for you. You will be suiting up to fly with some of the best fighter and aerobatic pilots to soar, spin, roll, and do gut-wrenching tricks in the sky.

You will be rolling in Vegas (up the skies of Sin City) literally with Sky Combat Ace as you jump onto the cockpit of a T6 Texas Warbir, Extra 330LC, or a YMF-5C Waco classic. Ah, we are pretty sure you do not care about the names of the planes unless you are an aviation buff and who will when you think of the adrenalin rush this Vegas adventure can bring.

Depending on the moolah you are willing to spend, the thrill can range from a 15-minute flight at $199 to three flights scheduled over 2 days if you are willing to spend roughly $2,500.

Do you have “The Danger Zone” playing in your head right now. For sure. Click on the video below and see what to expect.



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