One of the most important things that travelers take into consideration when planning a trip is deciding where to stay. If you’re the type who always goes for hotels and doesn’t even bother checking out alternative accommodations, this is the perfect time to tap into your adventurous side and try mixing things up. For something a little different, why not try booking a room at a cozy bed and breakfast! Although relatively popular, not all B&Bs get as many guests as they might like because of numerous myths that actually have little basis. Some of the myths circulating around especially among the younger generation of travelers are that all B&Bs have shared bathrooms, or that people checking into B&Bs have to be willing to spend some time and socialize with the other guests.

Through the years, B&Bs have changed their layout and décor to keep up with the current trends in interior design. Innkeepers and owners of B&Bs nowadays are aware that a getting a modern look is the key to attracting a lot of young travelers; they also know that investing in new amenities that are also found in chic hotel rooms will mean big paybacks in the end. Based on some research, most B&Bs now feature guest rooms fitted with their own private bathroom. And if you’re not up for chit chat during breakfast, you don’t have to mingle with the other guests if you don’t have to.

B&Bs are present in countries worldwide; from popular tourist destinations like Morocco, backpacker targets like Cambodia, and far flung places like the French Polynesia. They are called in various names, too. In other countries, they’re referred to as guest houses while in others they’re called pension houses; but these places are all run pretty much in the same fashion. In the United States, B&Bs can be found scattered in almost every state and offer accommodations that can fit different budgets. It doesn’t matter whether you’re loaded and ready to burn some cash on your romantic getaway, or if you’re on a non-negotiable tight budget, staying in a B&B even for just a day or two is something that we recommend to all travelers. Who knows, you might like it so much you’ll be inclined to go back!

In case you’re still debating whether or not you should forego your hotel reservation and opt for a B&B instead, we’ve taken the liberty of enumerating the benefits that of staying in a bed and breakfast or any small inn.


Here’s something that might appeal to travelers on a budget: you can be sure that what little money you have will be stretched if you stay at a B&B. Compared to hotels, rates here are definitely cheaper, which means you’ll be able to save more and spend your money on other necessities. As the name implies, all B&Bs serve their guests breakfast; and since B&Bs are usually mom and pop establishments or businesses run by a family, you can count on sitting down do a fresh, delicious, hearty home cooked meal in the morning.

Other B&Bs have extended their kitchen hours and now offer dinner. Unfortunately, you do have to sacrifice the luxury of room service when you’re staying at a bed and breakfast, but for those who like to prepare their meals personally, a lot of B&Bs have a pantry where guests can get some snacks for free. If you’re in luck, you can even enjoy some wine and cheese during happy hour at the inn, or perhaps some freshly baked scones that the landlady prepared herself.

If you’re a sucker for freebies, you may be pleased to know that a lot of B&Bs don’t charge fees for parking. A vast majority of these establishments also have free WiFi; between that, the free parking and the free food, we don’t see why you have to debate this decision much longer.


Have you ever noticed that a lot of hotels have the same beige walls, brown carpets, floral paintings and marble sinks? Sure, it’s sleek, modern and clean looking, but after looking at the same things over and over again, we won’t be surprised if you get bored with the whole arrangement. For those who like staying in rooms that have a personal touch to them, then B&Bs are definitely the way to go. Peek into different rooms in a single bed and breakfast and you might notice that not all of them are decorated the same way, nor will they have the same amenities. If you’re lucky and the inn isn’t full, you can even choose which room tickles your fancy or fits your mood.

Some B&Bs have such unique rooms that instead of being assigned numbers, each one is given a special name. There are rooms bearing the name Lucky Dog, Blue Lady, Library Loft, The Winesap and even Jacob’s Lair. There are also B&Bs that are designed in a specific theme where the designs for the individual guest rooms get their inspiration. Some B&Bs have literary themes which accounts for the rooms being names after some famous writers. Another B&B located in an orchard have their rooms named after different varieties of apples that best represent the feel of the room. And yet some B&Bs go the distance by constructing an establishment in the shape of a dog. Talk about being creative!

What’s great about these rooms is that aside from having a catchy name, some of them are actually equipped with fireplaces and even modern whirlpools. Aside from having personalized rooms, some B&Bs get their unique persona for being built in a space that has served a different purpose in previous years. For example, there are old fire stations that have been transformed into cute two storey B&Bs. Even train cabooses have been renovated to accommodate guests who would like to stay the night.

Knowledgeable innkeepers

Guests who check into a hotel are all too familiar with the stack of brochures displayed at the front desk that are meant to give guidance to any wanderers in the lot. But if you’re tired of leafing through brochures that all seem to direct you to tourist traps and other expensive destinations, that’s when a knowledgeable innkeeper comes handy. Fortunately for those who are staying at a B&B, they can chat up their innkeeper at almost any time of the day. These people are dedicated to helping their business grow and keeping their guests happy and satisfied. Also, they love the local setting and have a special attachment to the area that they’re currently living in, which means they know the inns and outs of the town or city that you won’t find in a brochure. If you ask nicely, they might even call a restaurant of your choice and make a reservation.

There are a lot of stories going around that innkeepers at B&Bs tend to be nosy, and we’d like to think that they’re only being friendly and trying to make you as comfortable as you can. That being said, a lot of innkeepers also know when their guests need some personal time alone either to unwind, relax, or simply enjoy the temporary solace that a holiday brings.

Interesting guests

Staying at a B&B does not come with a requirement that guests have to mingle with each other or eat at the same breakfast table and exchange pleasantries over meals. If you’re not the sociable type, rest assured you can have your peace and quiet while staying at a bed and breakfast.

But while we’re on the subject, it might be wise to get out of your shell and try starting a conversation with fellow travelers you’re sharing the same roof with. A B&B is a great way to come across some pretty interesting characters from all walks of life and every corner of the world.

Modern facilities

If the reason you’re hesitant to stay at a B&B is that you’re afraid you’ll be holed up in a TV-less room at night with nothing to do except count sheep, we’re here to tell you that B&Bs now offer modern amenities that you can find in popular hotels.  B&B owners have taken the time to study what guests want and fortunately for us travelers, it means free WiFi, swimming pools where you can practice your laps, and even private spas right inside the premises. Who says you can’t detox while staying at a B&B? Step inside the bathroom and you’ll find soft robes and an array of toiletries for your personal use. There are even some B&Bs which give you access to their staff 24 hours a day. With all these amenities, you’ll feel like you’re staying in a hotel minus the big bill afterwards.



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