With the convenience that our smartphones and mp3 players provide you can listen to any kind of music anywhere you are. Electro in the bath tub, classical while in the construction site, or maybe jazz while your mother in law screams at you like crazy.

However, spending an awesome evening at a jazz club brings back the enchantment of actual and live musical performances. In this article are several places in Europe that best conveys one’s precise jazzy vibes.

European Bars

A-Trane International Jazz Club

With the honors and awards that they attained, like “Downbeat” magazine gracing it as one of the best jazz clubs in the world, it is a fact that A-Trane is precisely one of the most trendy clubs in Berlin. Having founded more than 20 years ago, biggest stars in the music industry has performed at this haven. Their list includes Diana Krall, Arthur Blythe, Ray Brown and Herbie Hancock. One of their programs, JAM or aka Jazz After Midnight, is a post-midnight sessions of serious jamming and good music.

Music Village

In spite of having a short record of 12 years of existence, Music Village has already constructed a reputation as a front runner in classic jazz clubs in Brussels. Hosting greater than 250 shows annually, including the Brussels International Young Jazz Singers Competition, it has become a sanctuary for hopeful and promising musicians worldwide.
Being a non-smoking site, people have neither smog breath nor water-filled eyes.

Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

In London, travelers can find anything they want in a jazz club.
A Jazz club enthusiast could definitely find anything he or she may want in London.

In 1959, Ronnie Scott, a jazz musician, established a jazz club named after him. Would he have known that his jazz club would be the most famous one in London. It has a remarkable record. On its stage, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, and Ella Fitzgerald recorded their live albums and Jimi Hendrix had his last UK performance. It holds an casual post-show session known as the Late Late Show  from Monday to Thursday until 3 AM.

Despite sheer price, its tickets sell out fast.


Another jazz club in London, the Hideaway, is a fresh addition to its jazz culture. It opened in 2010 and exponentially achieved popularity by three magical things: (1) jazz workshops, (2) diverse acts, and (3) organic menus. In fact, in 2011, the club achieved the Parliamentary Jazz Award’s Best New Venue. It presents swing, soul and blues, classic jazz, and comedy nights, as well.

Oslo, Norway
Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene

As if a prize or a finish line, at the end of the track of the migration, from venues to another venue as years passes, of Norwegian jazz community is the Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene. Supported by the Ministry of Culture, it possesses lustrous environment and innate sophistication; it has galleries located on either side of the front stage and amphitheater that offers comfortable sofa seats. It is supported by the Ministry of Culture.
However, they do not serve food. The bar only offers cocktails and wine.

New Morning

Being one of the most significant and famous jazz clubs in Paris, New Morning is both informal and casual, offering varied programs with, of course, jazz for every guest. It can hold up to more than 300 people with nothing fancy but its small tables and wooden chairs that encircle the floor. Get your dancing shoes ready because you should expect some serious dancing once the music starts.

Autour de Midi…et Minuit

Located in Montmarte, Autour de Midi…et Minuit is two-in-one – a jazz club below and a bistro on the ground floor. The two areas are fused by quality time, food, and, definitely, music. Being cave-like, it is little and homely. It may be a little too personal but it ensures a variety of jazz. From Thursday to Saturday, concerts are held regularly, while during Tuesdays and Wednesdays, jam sessions are held.

Casa del Jazz

Formerly owned by a crime chief in the 1920s, the stunning Casa del Jazz was originally a villa until it was converted into a jazz club after he died. Sooner, it became known as one of prime names in the jazz culture of Rome.

Aside from the authentic and grand live music it provides, it also presents educational visits, readings, lectures, presentations and festivals about jazz. To deliver such, it is bested with a 150-seat auditorium and library, concert park, restaurant, and even rehearsal rooms.

Porgy & Bess

After being a theatre and a cinema, Porgy & Bess looks like more of a concert hall than a jazz club. From its previous forms, it has been transformed into a jazz sanctuary, supplemented with galleries, restaurant, bars, performance hall, and recording studio. However, this club is neither laid-back as any standard bar nor too fancy to halt your from using your faded jeans.



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