The street-food scene has been surging in the major cities around the globe and London does not want to be left behind. All eyes are on this city as the Queen Celebrates her Diamond Jubilee and as the rest of the world awaits the clash of the best of athletes during the Olympics.

There are more sots in London now that are open to food trucks and food vans which serve different specialties from different corners of the globe. The standard of food is very high and so gourmet that people from different corners of Britain and travelers look for them just like any other excellent restaurant in London.

Here are some of the best food stalls you can find in London now:

Anna Mae’s

If you are looking for Southern style comfort food, pick this food stall which has been a huge hit for Londoners who love some pulled pork and coleslaw. Ask for the Notorius PIG which is Annamae’s sandwich with a yummy 14-hour smoked pork with some barbecue sauce and red onions. You can find this good treat on Thursdays between 7 and 10 in the evening along Chamberlayne Road a The Show NW10 or along King’s Cross.

Creperie Nicolas

Crepes are yummy, but you may say they are traditional. But crepes are never boring. You can find Creperie Nicolas at Real Food Market or the Eat St. Their fresh coffee completes the lazy breakfast servings. Try their savoury galletes that is made from organic flour, mushroom, brie, and bacon. The sweet crepes make use of batter that’s infused with vanilla. As for the fillings, they have a good list of fresh fillings, but peanut butter fans will not be disappointed, too.

Jamon Jamon

Paella fans who are traveling to London should head to the Southbank just by the Royal Festival Hall and try Jamon Jamon at Real Food Market and Portobello Market. Just follow your nose and you will be following the aroma of prawns and spice in the air. You will also not miss the long queue. If you have allergies with seafood, you can go for the Valenciana, paella that has runner beans and chicken. They also serve fryella that is basically a breakfast delight of eggs, bacon, and beans.

On Cafe

This stall does not offer traditional food that you can find on streets. You can get Japanese inspired, mouth-watering macaroons here. On Cafe is at Real Food Market but they also cater during special events around the city. Some of the best sellers include charcoal macaroons, jasmine tea and black sesame, Asian Melon, Pink Peach & Champagne, and Margarita Cocktail macaroons.

Lucky Chip

If you are near Netil Market on a Saturday, make sure you visit the stall of Lucky Chip which serves a great American diner menu. Try their aged beef burgers topped with the best cheddar cheese and also get some chips and dip them in their sweet chilli sauce or wasabi mayo. Lucky Chip also stays at Sebright Arms along Coate Street.



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