What will be a Tokyo holiday without trying original Japanese Ramen. You will find a lot of ramen shops around this busy city but we want you to have the best. If you will be in Tokyo for business or for pleasure, these three ramen shops serves the best bowls in town:


Tokyo-style ramen

You might skip thousands of ramen shops because of your busy itinerary but you should miss this one in Ogikubo. They serve the best Tokyo-style bowl of ramen with the shoyu soupe, dried fish, bonito flakes, and dried sardines. Don’t dare to ask for the recipe of their ramen since it has been a guarded secret for the most part of the last century.

The shop is just small and can only accommodate eight customers. The ambiance is just how a ramen shop should be like. The staff is very warm too. The food here from the wonton ramen, barbecue pork wonton-men, or the Chinese soba are worth every penny.

To get to Harukiya, take the north exit from the Maranouchi or JR Chuo subway line and just head east along the main street. You will not miss the line of ramen craving locals and tourists. Of course, you can ask any local for directions and for sure they know where the ramen shop is 99.99% of the time.


tonkotsu soup

Head to Shindaita and look for Bassanova if you are looking for tonkotsu soup that was made creamy by simmering bones of pork for hours and hours. The owner has collaborated with other chefs so there are some intriguing options to checkout here.

Go for their green curry ramen. Every dish also comes hot with good stories from ramen chef who loves to share his crazy life adventures.


best miso soup in tokyo

If you enjoy old dishes given a modern twist, head to Kururi and try their miso ramen. This ramen shop has won praises and awards for its fresh interpretations. The chef uses different variants of miso paste prepared with the freshest of vegetables to come up with a very rich soup. Be patient when you got to this place since waiting in line may take you about half an hour.



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