Malawi is a hilly high country in South East Africa, between Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. Malawi is a landlocked country. But they really don’t need ocean, as they have the Lake Malawi!


When David Livingstone discovered and described for the first time  in 1858 the Lake Niassa, known today as Lake Malawi, he was simply astonished by the beauty of this lake. It is one of Africa’s biggest lakes and is very rich on fish and wildlife. Maybe it is in a way comparable with the south american Lake Titicaca.

Fishing on the lake Malawi on sunrise

Fishing on the lake Malawi on sunrise

The Lake Malawi with its 120 sq km(the half of Britain) is a little bit bigger than the country of Malawi itself ( which has the same surface as Portugal). The Lake Malawi is a paradise for the fans of water sports, but in some corners of the lake (e.g. Cape Maclear) is not advisable to bath, because of the bilharia, a parasite living in the water which goes through the skin. Just in case of doubt, you shall remember to take some medicines against, as they are very affordable, efficient and easy to find. Otherwise, at home this disease will be much more difficult to cure.

Golomoti Escarpment in Malawi

Golomoti Escarpment in Malawi

Lake Malawi has some excelent beaches and resorts on its Malawi shores. Club Makokola is the best of them, offering five star comfort and the luxury you might need for a romantic gettaway or for a honeymoon. Next to Club Makokola(or Club Mak) is the Florence Holiday resorts where you can stay in good conditions on a budget.

Malawi is one of the most populous and poorest countries of the world. 85 % of the population live in rural area and work the otherwise fertile lands. Most of them owe a surface which is less than one accre. They work hard on their land, but are very vulnerable on weather disasters (catastrophic rainfalls, dried periods etc). Country’s only export stuff is tobacco and maize, and Malawi is always subject to international aids.

Crafts market in Lilogwe, the capital of Malawi

Crafts market in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi

The inhabitants of Malawi might be very poor, but they are very proud. I never figured that Malawi could face Madonna, who tried to adopt a Malawi child. You might say: Madonna is richer than the all country of Malawi, having a major contribution to the country’s development projects. And Malawi dared to say no! to international adoption. Unbelievable, but true, is very relaxing to see that some questions are more important than the money.

Outside the capital of Malawi, Lilongwe, is not advisable for single women wearing miniskirts. Besides, the Malawi inhabitants are very sensitive to etiquette, no matter how strange and unbelievable might sound to you. You may not go straight to the point, as the westerners like sometimes. You must first of all say hello in the appropriate and most politely way, and eventually have a little chat with the locals.

Malawi is worth to you visit, and waits for you as soon as possible.



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