Thai Hospital

Thai Hospital

It’s getting more and more popular to travel abroad for healthcare. Whilst traditionally for many it’s been a major taboo, the reality is that it’s sometimes cheaper and also a great deal safer to travel abroad for health care.

Medical tourism is actually big business for many countries you wouldn’t really think of. Thailand, Panama, Malaysia and India are among the most affordable and well known destinations in the world when it comes to medical tourism thanks to the level of luxury that can be afforded to patients that are on a relative budget. It’s a lot easier to suffer in luxury than it is in a state-ran hospital!

Often for a mere few thousand dollars which in some cases can be insurance deductible, you can get top grade international standard care abroad. This has resulted in a boom in the medical tourism industry and as more and more people go private, more and more people find out that it really is safer, more comfortable and far less stressful.

To make things easier, PJ Hayman a popular insurance underwriter in the United Kingdom has just created an insurance package aimed to dispel all your worries about travelling abroad for surgery by providing comprehensive cover in case of complications and also an emergency helpline available 24 hours a day.

Thanks to the general level of high quality healthcare available for free in the United Kingdom, British citizens have always been reluctant to travel abroad for private surgery, but as MRSA gets worse and waiting lists get longer, for many it is the only option.


Typical Private Hospital Room

These days, the typical cost of private healthcare abroad varies substantially, but typically prices start from around $2000 dollars for minor cosmetic surgery and increase. In some countries major operations such as a cardiac bypass only costs around $6,000. This includes top quality health care, quick treatment and complete peace of mind.

Cosmetic surgery and dentistry abroad is really budget friendly. Thanks to the affordable rates offered abroad, you can have the ultimate holiday in a faraway destination, and at the same time take care of the root canal!

Once you’ve tried foreign healthcare, there’s no going back!



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