South Africa is often overlooked by tourists because it does not get the attention it deserves in many respects. There are several locations which are very unique and offer excellent experiences for travelers and tourists within the borders of South Africa. These locations are very easy to get to and are usually tourist hot spots which draw people to the natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere that the can provide. Ensure that you get a chance to peer into the following locations for an experience that you will soon not forget:

Enjoying Table Mountain near Cape Town

Table Mountain offers a large amount of activity and it is close to one of the major tourist destinations in South Africa, Cape Town. Table Mountain has several trails, caves and rock climbing areas to explore and they are certainly open for travelers with an average to excellent fitness level. There are several well documented locations to do these types of exploring and you could easily get to enjoy the Table Mountain. At the very top of Table Mountain, you will have access to wonderful views that include Lion’s Head Mountain, Signal Hill, Robben Island, Cape Town City Centre, Table Bay and Devil’s Peak.

The Excellent Addo Elephant National Park Safari

If you want to see some great wildlife on a real Safari, then the Addo Elephant National Park is right for you. You will have a chance to see Elephants, Rhinos, Leopards, Buffalo, Lions, Whales and Great White Sharks as well as a plethora of other animal species while on the nature Safari. You can go on guided tours, self drive a vehicle to explore the wide expanse on your own or go on hiking and walking trails to see some amazing wildlife. Options for a horseback Safari are also available and are amazing experiences in their own right.

Exploring the Robberg Nature and Marine Reserve

The Robberg Nature and Marine Reserve are known as the best walking destination of Plettenberg Bay on the West Cape of South Africa. The trail routes in this location range from a simple 45 minute walk to a 5 hour trek through some of the most beautiful areas only available to devoted travelers who are well prepared. An alternative to walking to see the beautiful location is to take a kayak around the peninsula to experience wildlife and scenery like you have never imagined before.

Tips for Enjoyable Travel within South Africa

Although it may seem simple and straightforward to simply travel and accomplish visiting these tourist attractions and hot spots, it is important that you remember these tips to have an enjoyable and safe trip to South Africa:

• Keep Physical Money Hidden While Traveling
• Use Traveler’s Checks Whenever Possible
• Drink Clean Water Sources
• Never Travel Alone
• Watch for Informative Road Signs (Warnings of Hijacking Hot Spots and More)
• Do Not Use Unregulated Taxi Buses (Often Used in Taxi Wars between Taxi Companies)
• Never Cross Restricted Access Locations (Armed Guards Will Often Use Deadly Force)



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