Hogwarts Castle

The Harry Potter Series has been running for almost a decade, and the franchise has actually expanded to a popular movie series which paved the career paths of three child stars who are now in their teenage years. However, up until today, fans of the children’s book could only imagine how butter beer tasted like and how it felt to find the right magic wand in Ollivander’s.

Butter Beer served at Potter Park

Now, Orlando adds another monumental theme park to its list, this time for Hogwarts fans who have been following the life of our favorite wizard boy, Harry Potter. Here, fans get to experience the excitement of being chased by a dragon, or maybe even winning a Quidditch game. This is all possible when they visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

While only a mini-theme park which sits inside the Islands of Adventure Theme Park of Universal, its creators are anticipating a pretty huge feedback from Potter fans. The mini-theme park will officially be opening its doors to the public on June 18, 2010. Below is a sneak peek of the goodies that you’ll find inside the new attraction.

Riding the Hogwarts Express, you’ll get to see the Hogsmeade with your own eyes. This site is just past the stone arch which guards the Harry Potter theme park. Prepare to have your breaths taken away as snowcapped rooftops and storefronts all from the movies and the books welcome you. You can stop by the Zonko’s Joke Shop for extended ears and Sneakoscopes.

Hogwarts Express

Honeydukes, the famous confectionary in your imagination, also has goodies like chocolate frogs to sell to visitors. At the Owlpost, you can have your mail marked with a signature Hogsmeade poststamp. Over all of this, you’ll see the Hogwarts school (or at least a perfect reproduction of it from the movies) towering over Hogsmeade.


Mark Woodbury who presides over Universal Creative, acknowledged that making the theme park was really all a matter of following the smallest of details. This is especially true with the Harry Potter theme park because it was such a vivid work of fiction, made even more iconic because of the movie series.

Construction of the park was actually monitored by the same person who managed the production of the Potter movies. In fact, a specific scene in the sixth installation was filmed for the sake of the park’s main attraction, the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. The ride is very realistic, to say the least, combining both the sensation of flight and other tactile factors like water drops and smoke.

With this particular ride, fans can now experience how rough it was for Harry Potter who had to leave the Quidditch Field just to face and escape the mouths of dragons and giant spiders. Life-like light projections of Albus Dumbledore are also included in the ride. Park creators also acknowledged the fact that J.K. Rowling, author of the series, was a perfectionist when it comes to details.

The office of the head master

Since her approval was hard to get, fans can be sure that they’ll be getting only the most authentic Hogwarts experience when they visit the mini-park. The recipes offered for the butterbeer is also pretty interesting. There were only too many to choose from. At the end of the day, though, Rowling and Universal Creative decided on the thick but non-alcoholic concoction which tastes like creamsoda.

This drink also got the nod from lucky fans who were able to preview the park ahead of time. All Wizarding World employees will be dressed in wizard hats and robes. The closest allusion we can come up with is a hardcore Star Wars Convention with probably too many Luke Skywalkers and Princess Leias. This time, though, watch out for Harry Potter clones with stuffed owls on their shoulders.

Here’s a peek of the other highlights in Potter Park:

Hagrid's hut

Kids having some fun at the Wand Shop

Paintings inside the Hogwarts Castle



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