Many people will agree that a beautiful sunset is a good way to end the day. The dreamy quality it produces when it swathes everything in an amber glow is enough to make you swoon over your partner. However, as most of us know, though there is only one sun, the ambience and the surroundings must be taken into consideration. The real romantics have searched the world over just to find the right setting.

Naturally, a good view, meaning a clear, unobstructed one, is on top of the list. A wide expanse where the sun is directly over a sea or desert may be ideal to some, while other prefer the contrasts offered by a landscape of mountains, temples, or even buildings, which can highlight the setting of the sun. Even climate plays a role, as warmer places can bring out the best glow, and a shower prior to sunset will cleanse the skies of dust that can lessen the vividness of the colors.
Wherever you go, even if you don’t get a chance to see an amazing view of the sunset right away, the best part is that you can always try again the next day.

Ayers Rock in Northern Territory, Australia

There is a huge red rock in Australia’s northern desert called the Uluru. Stunning as the sunset view is, the Uluru manages to upstage it. Steve Strike, a local photographer, suggests that to get the best view, head on to Sunset Strip—a picnic area found in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta national Park. And the best time to go is between May to October, as there are clouds in the sky which reflect the light from the rock which seems to glow.

Vairou Bay in Bora Bora, Tahiti

The island of Bora Bora in itself is already beautiful—glittering waters and the majestic Mount Otemanu in the distance. The sunset is an accessory to all this grandeur. For a perfect view for your romantic stay, you can choose among four resorts on the island of Motu Tofari: The St. Regis, Four Seasons Resort, Le Meirdien, and Intercontinental Resort and Thalasso Spa.

Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, CA

Pfeiffer Beach is in Los padres National Forest. It is a mixture of colors: purple sand, sycamores, redwoods and oaks. Sea stacks are scattered across the ocean, and one in particular has a hole in the middle which looks like a door (also its local name). As the sun sets, the hues make the rock glow, and its “door” seems to beckon, acting as a gateway to another world.

Academia Bridge in Venice, Italy

Lovers the world over know Venice as one of the most romantic places in the world. But where exactly in Venice should you go for that lovely view with your partner? Academia Bridge over the Grand Canal is said to be the loveliest spot in all of Venice, because the dying rays of the sun illuminate the fifteenth century buildings, giving them a bath in pinks, oranges and blues. Though summer will give you a full, clear view of the sky’s palette, fogs in winter will make it diffuse and dream-like.

The Matterhorn in Zermalt, Switzerland

A Swiss icon, this alpine peak’s silhouette is amazing during sunset. Together with your partner, hike across Gornier Glacier to the Monte Rosa Hut for an ultimate view. Stay there overnight and witness an unforgettable scene as the sun rises and lights the Matterhorn’s tip like a candle that spreads its glow across the quiet place.

Mallory Square in Key West, FL

In the plaza, locals and tourists alike come together when the sun is about to set, waiting for that dazzling display of colors. If you’re one who enjoys places where you can share the space with other people, this will surely appeal to you, as people hold their breath as the sun sets over the Gulf of Mexico, and everyone cheers as it disappears, and an elusive flash of green light shows.

Masai Mara in Kenya

Nature lovers and wildlife aficionados will certainly go crazy over this place in Western Kenya. The greatest wildlife migration passes by this game reserve, and the animals—particularly the five stars—elephant, rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, lion and leopard, are active during sunrise and sunset. Watch their silhouettes against the amber glow of the sun as they walk across the vast desert, treating you to an exclusive and different kind of shadow play. Add to that the splash of colors in the sky, and you will have goose bumps watching nature at play. This will surely be an unforgettable sunset experience.

Gay Head in Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Martha’s Vineyard’s West point has clay cliffs which rise above the Atlantic, and they glow in different hues with the setting of the sun. It is a popular destination among many, and the lighthouse on top of the cliffs add to the charm with its sweeping red and white beam, as if to signal the end of another day.

Pre Rup Temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, the majestic temples in Cambodia that are regularly visited by many, has reflecting pools that face West, making it ideal for sunrise viewing. Unknown to many however, there is a temple five miles north of Siem Reap, and it is actually one of the best sunset viewing spots in all of Southeast Asia. The temple’s majestic looming complements the breathtaking sunset view. The ideal time to go there is from May to October, as the glowing, wet rice paddy makes it seem as if Cambodia has golden pathways.

Mount Haleakala in Maui, Hawaii

Though many people gather at the peak of this dormant volcano to watch the sunrise, it is quieter as there are less people during sunset. The clouds are bursting in different colors, and you will be amazed as it changes from one color to another: blue to green, then fiery orange and red, similar to a “bed of coals,” as photographer Alex Farnum recalls.



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