Everyone wants to shed off some pounds but who will want it to work out while having a holiday? Fortunately you can mix your drive to slim down while traveling and having a fitness vacation.

You read it right, you can get those six pack abs, muscle cuts anywhere you want while seeing the nicest place in the world. Check out our list below where you can get a hot, firm body as souvenir:

Alsace, France

If you have a Lance Armstrong in you but you are not really ready to go around France on a bicycle don’t be disheartened. Grab the bike and go the Alsace Region of France just by the German and Swiss borders to have a fitness vacation you will not forget.

You will pedal your way along designated bike paths by the Vosges Mountains, through rustic vineyards, and charming villages. The Wine Route alone is 106 miles. I am pretty sure you need to stop. And what is France without trying out their wines?

On a cruise

When you are at sea, on a cruise vacation, most likely you will end up gaining some pounds. This will not be the case when you go with Crystal Cruises which introduced their wellness themed cruise packages.

This year, they have cruises going to the Mexican Riviera, transatlantic, or far flung Asia. In any of these cruises you will be encouraged to move and get buff. You can do it in their high tech gyms, pilates and yoga classes, or you can run around their open-air, quarter of a mile track. The ocean view will be very stunning while you burn those calories.

They serve healthy meals to refill and re-hydrate you but praise those who can keep on saying no to their great buffets


The islands of the Caribbean might serve you with great buffets, sugary drinks, and pamper you in mega resorts but you might get tired of it sometimes. When you get to that point better book a vacation in Dominica where most of the things you will do is geared towards sculpting that body.

The main activities in Dominica will have you hiking through the rainforest, swim in hot springs, and have programs for your overall wellness.

You can check out the Jungle Bay Resort and Spa which offers a Jungle Spa package. You will have a nice room amid tall trees, enjoy organic meals, relax with the massage sessions, yoga class, snorkeling, hiking, and kayaking.


One great way to have a workout is to paddle against the wave. It will also be great if you can stand up on the board. The best and coolest place to learn surfing is in Hawaii. You can learn to negotiate the surf on your next vacation and at the same time get in shape.

One nice place to visit is the SwellWomen along the Kaanapali Beach in Maui. They’re a yoga outfitter which can help you pack your holiday with some surfing, retreat, yoga, while having a great accommodation and enjoying nutritious meals.
If you only want to learn how to surf, go to the North Shore of Oahu and sign up at the Surf Hawaii Surf School. Get a chance to experience the epic foams of the Waimea Bay.

Hua Hin, Thailand
A fitness vacation in Hua Hin ensures that you will feel good mind, body, and soul. You can choose from fitness vacation packages like a weight management program for a week or a month long detoxification taking in only juices and colon cleansers. They also provide dietary counseling, personal fitness consultation, and Asian inspired spa cuisines. There are also aqua aerobics, yoga, biking, and Thai boxing.

The beach setting is perfect as the Western culture meets the Eastern practices. You will also be a few stones throw away from royal houses, caves, and temples.

Kerala, India

Kerala is in the southwestern portion of India. It is a quiet, peaceful place perfect to get in touch with your inner self. Imagine tropical rivers, coconut groves, vibrant jungles, sandy beaches, and very exotic landscape.

You can pamper yourself with some massage, meditation, and yoga at the Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort. Go for the 2-week retreat package that is worth every dime.
You can also get out of the resort and experience a kettuvallam cruiseor a houseboat guided tour of the backwaters of Kerala. Listen to some Indian rhythms, dance, tour spiritual sites, and enjoy the other guided excursions.

Killington, Vermont

The treadmill can get boring so instead of sweating it off on the machine go to Vermont and visit the New Life Hiking Spa. The walking paths are just picture perfect along the Applachian Mountains.

They can help you with weight training, do some yoga, engage in challenging hikes, or take some Pilates classes. They can also expose you to healthier cuisines through cooking classes so you know better when you head home.

It will be a great fitness vacation but do not forget that you are still having a holiday so make sure you enjoy the spa services. The spa by the way is only open from May through September.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Hiking through the desert for a day? Then you deserve a slice of luxury in Posh Scottsdale, Arizona. Truly, this peace of property is an oasis.

Book the Healing Hiker Retreat for 2 days at the Four Seasons. You will enjoy the tour at Pinnacle Peak Park, a yoga session, a nice massage for two, and a casita like guestroom to complete the mix of outdoor activities and luxury.

Tulum, Mexico

Bikini Bootcamp. That explains it all. After a week at the Amansala Resort you will be ready for that skimpy swimsuit. They have an intense program for body sculpting, power abs training, kayaking, biking, yoga, and pilates.

Even though you will be in Mexico, drop those margaritas and burritos from your head since you will be exposed to healthier grilled fish, salads, and other low fat, healthy meals. You will also be pampered during spa treatments and massages.
Once you are toned up, relax and head down the beach. Enjoy the sun, the waters, and take a detour to the Mayan ruins nearby.

Watamu, Kenya

The big cats may fascinate you and there is no other place in the world to acquire such agility but in Watamu, Kenya where the Wildfitness program is conducted. It will require at least 9 days to about 3.5 weeks of your time for a course that will introduce you to the natural beauty of the place incorporating a great workout. Expect some training sessions and running while on the beach. There will be times for swimming, yoga, diet consultations, massages, and a lot more.

No need to worry, it will be a tiring fitness program but not grueling. You will also have time to go on a safari.



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